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My sainted mother is visiting from Marthas Vineyard, so I've been showing her a few old films.  Last night we watched The Black Cat (1934), which stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.  Both men were at

Yup, it is there in the on right side of the white buildings in the center. 

I thought it got off to a solid start. Certainly haven't dialed back on the weirdness!  

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All I can say is that all sorts cocksuckers get their shit fucked up in Season 3 of Deadwood.

Through S03E04 and... Wow. Just taking a break to watch some pre-season football, then back to Deadwood.

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Deadwood season 1, episode 2. Found out a couple of the big cocksuckers :laugh:

woot! I wish I could erase my memory and go watch it all again. I've still got season 3 to go though!

my favorite chars probably of the whole series, aside from al, who is a given, are dan dority and the doc.

currently still watching DS9, season 3, though I did just get in the season 4 box from amazon. And I see Worf on the box! Finally! I was wondering what season he showed up. I need more Worf.

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Just watched the un-aired pilot. Without giving too much away for those that might want to watch I pretty much agree with all the changes that they made before airing the second pilot/first episode. The definitely refined their craft as they moved forward.

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