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stax mafia electrostatic portable

kevin gilmore

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To the others:

Why this is personal to me, this is not my case. Kevin maybe on Headwise spoke about the mini amp first but more than ten years ago I am sure. I am waiting for it from then. The project restarted a few times. When the head-case server died I told somebody here it was because of ministat amp restarted, Ill fate it could not be accomplished.:) The truth is I do not need it not travelling much hardly can walk. I am accustomed for the waiting and there is no really good portable amp, I am curious. And now this situation.

Yes, I do not like thiefs, everything is stolen some want to eat some want a new Tesla.


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so here is what is going to happen.

birgir will use his contacts to purchase one of these if it exists. Then he will determine if he likes it or not and will publish pictures etc. He has yet to publish pictures on the other 2 (or is it 3) stax portables.

If he likes it, and if its really $400 then i will buy one. Because there is no way i can build one for $400.


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i think the last remaining problem is that the batteries don't discharge evenly. but its highly likely that many other products out there have the same problem. kerry will get to it when he can. chassis etc is all done.

i still think that we can make a more efficient power supply but that requires someone with extensive flyback transformer knowledge and someone that can make prototype transformers. want +/-300 with 2.5 watts of power. plus the bias.

i received a miniature hv supply for the bias from Tajikistan and with modifications it works fine.

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