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NAS vs. Drobo Storage for Mac Audio/Video Server

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The only benefit I see with a NAS is some of them let you install Slimserver (if you use a Squeezebox or Transporter) on them directly since they are basically mini computers. Whereas the Drobo requires you to have it connected to a computer.

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I didnt get to finish typing my response earlier at work.

I'd recommend a Drobo for music over any NAS or server. Drobo is by no means the fastest, but chances are you simply don't need all the bells and whistles of the usually-more-expensive servers.

Lately my Drobo has been quite quiet, except for when waking up, where the drives initialize. But there have definitely been moments in the past where the fans were noticeable. For what its worth, they claim the Drobo 2.0 is much quieter than the first iteration. I can't confirm this, as I've only had the 2nd iteration.

Without a doubt my favorite part of Drobo is the ability to mix and match drive sizes/brands.

A kickass raid 1 setup isnt going to do me much good when I can no longer find a replacement for a specific make and model of drive, which will likely be obsolete by the time a replacement is needed.

This whole scenario is moot with Drobo, just buy whatever drives you goddamn please. :D

edit: I cant speak to video, havent tried it.

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I have a 1st gen drobo that I could sell you pretty cheap if you want it. I'm not really using it anymore.

Thanks. Either JP or I will PM you. Any idea what the Gen. 1 vs. 2 difference is (other than possible lower noise)?

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If I don't have to buy a new Mini I can buy other toys.


Besides the 12" is unsellable since I dropped it off the desk and dinged the optical drive entrance and bust a couple of keys out.

That and if I had to get another computer I think I'd get another laptop as I like the idea of having a screen built-in.

If I have to I'll scrap the Duet and use a big FW400 drive for music library storage while USB--->DAC ... and so far, I haven't noticed any issues with the G4s wireless being too slow to serve itunes.

Still it sucks not to be able to use the Duet with a big drive fast enough to serve iTunes files.


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Firewire is daisy-chainable... some enclosures come with two FW400 ports, so could you not do Mac --> FW HD --> Duet? I daisy chain FW HD's at work all the time.

Also, USB 1.1 is 1.5 MB/s, correct? Would that not be enough for FLAC files, which are usually ~900 kilobits/s? (yes, I know data transfer would suck...)

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