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The 10 Wackiest Headphones


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I thought this was funny to see what PC World thought was wacky headphones.

The 10 Wackiest Headphones - PC World

The 10 Wackiest Headphones

From headphones that come with their own amplifier to transforming, wearable MP3 players, we've rounded up 10 of the weirdest, wackiest headphone designs you'll ever see,

Campbell Simpson, PC World Australia

Thursday, April 09, 2009 09:31 AM PDT

Audio-Technica ATH-W5000


Audio-Technica's ATH-W5000 is a set of headphones with a decidedly retro feel. Packing high quality components into an over-the-ear design, the headphones have wooden outer covers for the ear-cups, making them instantly recognizable.

AKG K1000


Recognizable for a completely different reason, AKG

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Lambdas? Floats? Sigmas? Piezo ribbons? Bone-conduction headphones? And, lest we all forget, plasma headphones? Sorry, plenty more weird headphones out there than just what they found. Though the K1000 is pretty cool, and the HE90 certainly deserves mention based on asking price alone.

And where's the Sennheiser Surrounder?

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I don't think the Lambdas are all that wacky either.

What they need to see are the Sigmas, Floats, and the Surrounders. ;D

They probably know about all of those, but don't get click through ad revenue from them and are thus ignored.

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I would add as contenders the Sony MDR-F1 and Stax Sigmas, which looked like big boxes around your ears.

And then along this theme, for headphone radios there's the Panasonic radio worn by Ben Stiller in "Starsky & Hutch", where he looks like a space martian with these silver bowls over each ear with tall antennas protruding. :D

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