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Atlanta Computer Audio Event, Sun June 28, members needed!


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Well ... sure ... I'll play second fiddle to the n00b above and bring a pair too. I'll run mine balanced just for flayva. Augie.gif

Great! I want to try it on the Bryston's balanced out.

What's a bitch whistle? headscratch.gif

Depending upon who you talk to, it's either me or a stuffed weasel I bring to meets (forgot to bring it to the last can-jam though).

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I hope you can manage it. Always good to see you man.

But fuck the usual factors, make yourself available to get down here again. ;D

So... yous twos will help cover my gas monies?

Btw, it's tomorrow. You kids remember? I DO have my HF-1s this time, but forgot to get V to ship me her HF-2s. ;) (or dan, or nate, or mike, or etc...). Not that anyone would trust me with high $$$ grados. Oh, well, except Screaming Oranges, I have his GS1ks here. :)

I'm gonna try, but to afford the gas, I'd have to draft transver trucks. Still, if I can make it I can bring my Denon 2900 -> M^3 -> HF-1/GS1k

U know you want that MONSTER rig there!


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OK... uhmmm... so... uhmmm...

Tomorrow, eh? Not today? I have been QUITE out of it. I thought the thing was today. Jesus! Days/dates are just a blur these days.

So, I thought it was today, thought I was missing it b/c I had to help my mom move @ the last minute... man, I even rushed through that (though that worked out for the best). Well... Maybe I'll see you crazy kids tomorrow... NOT today.


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All packed and ready to go. I can't wait to audition the HD800 for the first time.

Cool man! Very curious to hear your thoughts on the HD800, even though expensive headphones gear is no longer in my future. I just need to get a serious preamp with > 20dB of gain and a MONO switch, and then I'm DONE FOR GOOD (right? ;))

Sorry I couldn't make it down there - you know I've become allergic to digital :D

That and I'm hungover today. Ick!

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