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Microsoft's Zune

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Old thread, but I just wanted to say you know Bob was just ahead of it's time. I mean if we forget about traditional computers GUIs, Bob was just more intuitive from a non-virtual view point. It's obvious from the screenshot. To launch a program you hunt for the icon. If you can't find it, you click F1 to see if it's hiding under the seat cushion or behind the right door. Very efficient. Also related items are grouped together. In the case of entertainment, the laptop running the alien attack game is right next to (as in real life) the fireplace that doubly serves as a pong game played in hell. Again makes sense from a real world perspective. Plus the dog talks. Anyway it's too bad Bob wasn't continued. I really feel it was only a few releases from going nowhere.


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I have to say, I've been using mine for the past couple of weeks sporadically and after you get music loaded onto it it's actually really nice. The interface is every bit as intuitive as the Ipod (at least for me) and well it just works which is all I really care about. I can't say anything about the relative sound quality as I'm usually listening with a 100db tractor going in the background but it got me through the yard this weekend. For $99 or $79 it's really hard to pass up and I'm looking forward to seeing if they got anything better in the next round of software.

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