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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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I like the silver look.  You could contact Modushop as they will sell you silver side panels. 


Thats cool to know! I may change it at some stage.  :)

I initially draw up side panels for Cam-Expert to mill in silver, but they don’t have multi axis capability.

The only parts I purchased from modushop was the black side panels and the black knob.

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Some PCB's arrived today which prompted me to take this photo, how far we have come in 4 years:




On the left the brand new mini KGSSHVk stereo board  and on the right the first version KGSSHV mono board.  :) 


Naturally to make the stereo board we had to make compromises so only the output stage is on full size sinks while the gain stage active devices and the CCS sand share two sinks for both phases.  That means I had to pick a CCS type and IXYS it was just to make it easier to build.  Only K170 input fets are supported but this one does have servo which the old design didn't have. 

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I'm getting around to building my 0.6 KGSSHV boards. I've already gone through the off-board amps to check all the parts against one of the BOMs out there.


I'm working on going through the power supply (mine say Production Rev 0.6) but there doesn't seem to be a good BOM/schematic. Can anyone pass one along? Also my boards have STTH1512 screened on them for the rectifier voltage diodes but I notice on newer versions of the board are using the STTH1210D. Is that the known substitute? Thanks in advance. 

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