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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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I just happened on this topic, and I am very interested in the KGSSHV. I already built an amp, an Amb M3.

But here the high voltage scares me, so I wonder if a version of KGSSHV finished, will be on sale. Or I could manage with someone to build me a kgsshv

Sorry if my english is not perfect but I am not yet a perfect biligual.

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I'll fix the led quantity thing much later today. There were 7 or 8 other errors i found and

fixed yesterday as i was ordering parts.

I've ordered all the parts i can from mouser, should be in by friday.

Will order the rest of the parts from digikey.

Those are the latest schematics, the only part that does not show up should be the 5 pf caps.

Something else i will fix later.

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I'm sure this has been discussed, but the trafo from SumR will have dual primaries for us 220v guys right? :)

Kevin, any particular reason for going with Xicon resistors? Similar Vishay Dale RN60(CMF60) are a few cents cheaper than the Xicon ones. Probably no difference but they just look nicer!

ps: link on the bom for the R5, R6 180ohm resistor links to a 120ohm resistor.

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The transformer will have any primaries that you like, dual 117V, single 117/230 or two 117V with 100V taps. SumR can make any of that for you.

Voltage handling is mostly the key here. It's true that not many of the resistors will see the full voltage but we are doing this like it were a production unit, with high tolerances and as little chance of failure as is possible.

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2SK389 on ebay, do these look legit?

Where are you guys sourcing the actives? Mouser has a few some of them, ebay has 2Sk389's, but the 2sa1968 aren't to be found, at least at those prices on Kevin's BOM.

They look legit, but the amp PCB is not set up for these; it is set up for the Linear Systems version in the TO-71 package, or pairs of 2SK170 singles.


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