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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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Here's the pics of the BH power supply based on the HV supply here:

The only thing I could mention is something I'm a bit anal about. The capacitor charging current from the bridge diodes is pulse like. The current drawn from the capacitors is pretty smooth. So it is always a good idea to isolate them in the tracking - in other words that the diodes connect individually to the capacitor terminals, and the output connections also connect separately to the capacitor terminals. Otherwise the pulsing current flow from the diodes flows in part of the output tracks and can introduce unnecessary PSU noise. Similar things can be done on the ground side as well to prevent the same pulsed currents from getting into the output grounds - this used to be called the "Calrec rectangle" after its adoption by the microphone company.

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I've just skimmed pcx to see if I could find anything to take advantage of their 20% off. Just wondering if I could replace the ixys10m90s with this http://www.partsconnexion.com/product7566.html?

Also, how does this http://www.partsconnexion.com/product1290.html compare with the one on the BOM?

The 10m90s is a three terminal current regulator, used here as a protective current limiting device in series with each power supply rail. The parts you are suggesting as replacements are rectifier diodes.

There is no substitute to the 10m90s.

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I'm picking up the boards from the post office in about 2 hours, so time to post the corrected parts list which need to be applied to the bom

Heat sink part numbers later.

Amplifier board first, There are 2, so double all of this



2 R1,R2 25

6 R3,R4,R13,R18, 1K


2 R5,R6 180

6 R7,R10,R11,R14, 175K


2 R8,R9 500

2 R12,R19 1200

4 R15,R16,R35,R37 100

1 R17 20K

1 R26 2k

2 R27,R28 5.1k

4 R31-R34 100K

1 R36 6.8K

2 R38,R39 200K

2 R40,R41 50K

2 R42,R51 10k

1 R43 3.3K

2 R46,R47 200

2 R48,R49 500k

1 R50 300



6 Q1-Q4,Q9,Q10 2sc4686a

either 2 x 2sa1968, or 2 x ixtp01n100d

2 Q5,Q6 2sa1968

2 Q7,Q8 ixtp01n100d

2 Q11,Q12 2sc2705

2 Q13,Q14 2sc2240

2 Q15,Q16 2sa1486

2 Q17,Q18 2sa970

Q19 is a Linear systems lsk389 or a pair of 2sk170

1 Q19 k389

1 Q20 2SC1815



4 D1,D2,D10,D13 LED

2 D11,D12 1N914



1 RV1 1k

1 RV2 2k

Standard current source is


optional current source is


power supply board


--- --------- -----



3 R1,R9,R39 3000

4 R2,R3,R20,R21 15/2W

4 R4,R6,R22,R25 400k

4 R5,R10,R24,R29 300k

2 R7,R26 62k

8 R8,R11,R14,R16,R27, 820K


2 R12,R31 20k

2 R13,R32 280K/1W

4 R15,R17,R34,R36 460k

4 R18,R19,R37,R38 100

4 R40-R42,R44 100k

2 R43,R45 5M



4 C1,C3,C6,C8 680uf

6 C2,C4,C7,C9,C12,C14 100uF

2 C5,C10 .1uF

2 C11,C13 4700uF

4 C17-C20 .1uF/1000v

Integrated Circuits


1 U3 7815

1 U4 7915



4 Q1,Q2,Q9,Q10 fqpf8n80c

2 Q3,Q11 2sc4686a

8 Q4-Q7,Q12-Q15 2sa1486

2 Q8,Q16 10m90s

2 Q8A,B,Q16A,B 2sc3381

1 Q17 ixys10m90s



2 D1,D3 24V or 30 volt zeners

4 D2,D4-D6 1N4007

3 D7,D8,D10 150v zener

1 D9 130v zener



2 BR1,BR3 BRIDGE made up of 4 high voltage diodes each

2 BR2

2 REF1,REF2 LM4040-10

2 RV1,RV2 2k

Edited by kevin gilmore
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