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Info on "pico POWER Portable Amp"?


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I want to get another pair of rechargeable batteries and rotate between the two -- Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH?  Do I need to make sure they can deliver a certain amount of amperage, or is there another spec I need to look at?  Are there certain brands that are known not to fit?  It's fairly tight in there.  
Powerex has 9.6V 23mAh, and 8.4V 300mAh, for examples.  Are either disrecommended, the one that's over, or the one that's under?

Tenergy and PowerAdd have some that are stated at 600mAh.


...(or anyone else)...can you give any insight on what the different voltage ratings can do to the amp?  I know it would never hurt to have more amps on tap, except that might also affect its physical dimensions, but I do not know what underpowering or overpowering the voltage will do.

Wait, so the headamp site says:

2x 9V Alkaline included (40 hour life). Can use any 9V rechargeable batteries (NiCad/NiMH/Lithium) with an external charger (not included). Lithium primary cells (non-rechargeable) for a 120 hour life.

 So I'm confused about the alkaline, but it sounds like I can use anything.

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The differing voltage will effect the overall theoretical headroom of the amplifier since they directly set the B+ of the power supply.  But unless you're using the Power for something crazy it shouldn't really matter.  I don't think you can really "over-volt" the Power with any of the options you've posted.  Bottom line, I don't think you can put a "wrong" battery in there as long as it produces somewhere near 9V.

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So I got a couple of no-name pairs of 9V batteries, and I'm worried that they might be slowly breaking my amp, as they are slightly larger than the "MaximalPower" batteries provided by Justin.  Are the MaximalPower the same as the iPower ones?  They look similar from photos:


Although...$30/each.  Not sure I want to purchase yet another pair that don't quite fit at that price.

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