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Head-Case Steam Group join up!


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i never fuck around with steam. i figured it would work if i just copied someone elses link and put my username at the end.

You realize, CJ, For that to actually work, you'd have had to logged in as you,

Navigated to Community->Profile , then selected the "Edit my Profile" link on the right, under "Actions",

then edited "Custom URL" under Profile, then click on "Save".


You fail. Try again. :)

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Dude that's waaaaay too much work.

My team in season 5 made me responsible for setting up our team for cevo. Team name, manager name, password, team password, scheduling password, roster password essentially anything I had to fill out was all "a"

Needless to say I was never given the role of manager again. Just as well. :)

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Steam summer sale started today. Picked up the complete valve pack (half-life and portal will be played finally). Wondering if I should pick up Borderlands. Anyone else interested?

EDIT: First person from team head-case to message me gets a free copy of Borderlands. and DeadMeat gets it.

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Oh, snap. Steam Summer sale means the motto of a certain other headphone site becomes very true over here.*

*As I have said before, Head-Case has cost me many thousands of dollars more than that other place and I always felt my skin more abraded over there by the creepily enforced artificial niceness.

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