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  2. Word Jazz Ken Nordine, The Fred Katz Group 1957 Example: And Fun with Fred:
  3. Got the first coat of Osmo on these stairs - before, during and after…
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  5. I believe @cutestoryhas a Chord, but I forget which one. He posted about it here (on head-case), so feel free to trawl the archives.
  6. I wish I were similar to the 6 million dollar man! Instead, I think I have a lot more in common with the Bigfoot guy.
  7. Anyone heard the Chord Qutest (or I guess the Hugo 2 as DAC) and comment on SQ? Model name aside, I've been a bit fixated on it and need a smallish DAC and well, I'm a simple guy. Heard the Hugo 1 pandemics ago, but not with any associated gear I have. Reviews seem to contradict themselves, though seems engaging and a lot of detail. Would probably pair with the Peak/Volcano.
  8. Jason Isbell - Reunions sooooooo good.
  9. That's great to hear. 6mill_1.mp4
  10. Got the single stitch taken out of my eyeball today. Tested vision at 20/15. Everything is healing spectacularly.
  11. Playing catchup as always. Film to follow.
  12. I have a friend named Tristan and whenever I think of him I always think of singing out his name "Treeeeeeeeee-stan" like in this opera!
  13. Finally getting around to this. Decided to go with Qobuz (24/192 kHz)
  14. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; Love Scene from Romeo & Juliet Charles Munch 1955 Example:
  15. The “Church of Voltron”. Sounds like an excellent tax dodge.
  16. I didn't realize Mayberry was now a church but the congregation all enjoyed Steve's guacamole very much.
  17. While in other areas I find the experience highly over-rated ... My first virgin bagel.
  18. Why didn't he just beam them there? I've only had one root canal. I was a kid. I remember being a bit disappointed that it was just tiny hand files, instead of some crazy machine. It was really no big deal for me. No pain and kind of anticlimactic. The procedure name really sounds much worse than it was. At least in my case, but I've never minded dental work. Feel better!
  19. Today already feeling much better, just a tiny bit of vague soreness and tightness in my jaw on that side. The endodontist wrote me an rx for norco but I just took some ibuprofen last night instead.
  20. swt61


    I'm waiting for the Airpods Max S +.
  21. jpelg


    Apple AirPods Max: Amazon.com: New Apple AirPods Max - Space Gray Apple AirPods Max, Space Gray MGYH3AM/A - Adorama
  22. Picked up mom and her husband (Bones) at the airport. First time in Seattle for them! They got in at 1am there time so I let them sleep then went back to work. Bought some last minute tickets to Mariners vs Rockies. Me, mom, Bones, and the kids. We had so much fun, and I'm poor now. Seats behind home plate + sooooooooo many souvenirs. The. Cookout with my new grill. Not a bad day, even if it did take my life savings.
  23. I've only had one root canal done. I'm not nervous about dental work, and wasn't for this either. But three two hour sessions in the chair was pretty full on. The first session was emergency work to stabilize it and shove some sort of disinfectant in there. It will improve Fitz, and the feeling of having your jaw feel as it has been kicked by a horse will quickly go. I honestly have lost track of the number of crowns I've now got.
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