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    Yumi and I spend the weekend building a bar for the music/poker room next to the third floor deck. We’re Pretty excited. Gotta love Ikea. The stainless steel/butcher block island is a monster!
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    I thought about re-tipping, the cantilever is fine, but eventually I decided to work with the dealer here in the US, who I bought if from brand new, and he gave me a very generous discount to trade in, which I could not pass up (but I'm sure I'll regret it later when the credit card bill comes in). So I ordered the ZYX Ultimate 4D, on the way...... still cost me north of $X,XXX
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    Emergency upgrade! HC approved.
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    something is wrong, with .85ma and 300v, should be 240 volts that is only 20 volts now to B+, the stage is likely to clip
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    Don’t worry about ranting. My family calls it, “venting” (like a pressure cooker). Those that are annoyed by it can just stop reading your posts...except for the kitteh ones.
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    Went for a walk on Stinson Beach before the crowds got there
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    Brother Daniel, thou appearest well set upon the path most strait. Shun the brassicas (which afford unto us nought but wind) and let thy repast be but the goodly flesh of beasts and the blood of grapes, and surely shalt thou find thy corporeal reward here upon Earth. I presume not to speak for the hereafter.
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    First spin after setting up system. ELO? Why yes.. Doing okay, lots of tweaking to do.
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    Ouch.... just knocked the stylus off my ZYX AIRY 3X cart !! F' me. 😫