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    Seiko did a wonderful job on maintaining my GS. Here is the clean bill of health!
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    should be there real soon
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    start saving! GS lives up to the hype
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    The Stax stuff is perfectly safe but Woo just don't give a fuck. They have been pulling crap like this for years but when you are a major sponsor of certain sites... you can have negative stuff removed. Even their mega-buck amps are like this.
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    Off-Roading Abu Dhabi’s 'Hill of Horrors' Goodwood Festival Of Speed
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    I always weigh at home. I learned me lesson early on. The only country I haven't been able to do is Latvia for whatever reason.
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    We had decided not to go on 70,000 Tons of Metal in 2019. Booking started this morning. Oops, we're doing it again.
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    Well it looks like you are "cured"
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    Nice. I should start saving up for one. Really like the Snowflake. And if I strike the lottery I'd go for the one with the 8 day power reserve too 😛
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    Cool. Am going to pull the trigger on a pair to try at work. They have better connectivity for my use compared to the Airmotivs.
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    Sorry, it was in the group buy thread. Also he mentioned that R1 and R3 should be 422 ohms, not 402. I got my Dynalo all back up and running, offset dialed in, GRLV. Listening, it sounds very good. I can't tell if it sounds better than it did with the sigma22; I think so but going from memory. I also had found that I had miswired the switch I use for SE->BAL input; it had left the - input floating when in SE mode, so I corrected that. Flipping back and forth, I couldn't tell any difference. Might have to actually listen to this with balanced in one of these days, if I can get my XLRs back from my son