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    Sunrise over Vermillion Lake, Banff, Canada.
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    I don't know what most of those words mean - but cool...
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    Never underestimate the obfuscating twats on diyaudio I asked a question regarding Kemet vs. Vishay-Polytech tantalum-polymer capacitors (since the Vishays are considerably cheaper and appear to be functionally identical), and get this: Well, maybe, but given the thousands used in the automotive and consumer electronics areas, 8 of these isn't going to make a dent. So I replied with this: Perhaps just answer the fucking question? That forum drives me up a tree, but there are SOME very good an knowledgeable posters there. In their defence, I had provided the wrong Vishay part number. I'll see what happens when they wake up... And both Kemet and Vishay say that they source materials in a sustainable and conflict-free fashion. With Kemet, I can believe that. Vishay, being the sluts that they are, will say anything... kinda like the orange turd in the WH.
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    An exciting young player, but posted here for being a spectacularly well framed and timed photograph.
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    A couple more from the M240 combo above (with Richard Serra sculpture). Then a couple treatment experiments from the Sigma sd Quattro H (with 50 Art). Assuming these are being viewed on phone so finished in Snapseed.
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    Speaking of Acros (first)... well, an Alien Skin simulation for Fuji users applied to a Leica DNG... still struggling a little with the M240 output, but love shooting with it. Here with a Voigtländer 35 f/1.7 Ultron. Finished in Snapseed for viewing on phone. No child was injured in the taking of these photos.
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    I’ll place this under “another.” Bye Slug Bug.