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  1. ^ I'll keep that in mind. Thankfully, this happened before we did our weekly grocery shopping so what we lost was very minimal - the fridge needed cleaning out anyways.
  2. Well, after spending more money than I care for on a hotel room last night and food for the last two days, the power came back on few minute ago. Everything in the fridge is goner, though the stuff in freezer should be fine. Considering how often we get power outage, methinks a generator is in our future. It doesn't help that we live on a low-priority street for the utility company.
  3. The latest estimated time for power is 9pm tonight. Argh.
  4. Just lost power. Also a small (but still taller than my house) tree broke and is now leaning against the side of my house. It's turning into a rather wet and heavy snow.
  5. ^ What's that tube amp? I'm certain I've seen one before but I can't remember what it is.
  6. And lice, though at least they don't make you bleed.
  7. Very nice, Ian. How are the wires accessed?
  8. ^ I saw it, but was completely underwhelmed by it. A 6s with 4" screen would have been worth the consideration, but a 6 with 4" screen is a complete non-starter for me, especially considering that new models will be arriving in 6 months. The next time I upgrade, I'm going to go with a Plus model (I can't use 4.7" screens comfortably with one hand, might as well go bigger if I'm need to use two hands anyways), unless they release top models with a 4" screen.
  9. Shelly, Apple Stores have some free workshops on basic stuff, though not all workshops are offered at every locations. I also have no idea how good the basic workshops are.
  10. Then there's the perpetual Open vs. Private Group vs. Solo crap threads. Argh. I fear the official forum is worse than the subreddit, which is saying something.
  11. I'm getting logged out on frequent basis as well, doesn't seem to care what I'm using - my phone, home Windows machine, or work MBA.
  12. But I want my Federal Corvette for free. I'd forgotten how bad it is over there. I hadn't browsed there aside from specific threads I have bookmarked.
  13. Predictably, I'll be seeing the first snow of the season (8-12 inches) while at my parents' house. So for 3rd consecutive years, I'll be shoveling at my parents house for the holidays.
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