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  1. Did the H-F person update their drivers? A lot of PC and motherboard makers have updated drivers available to download.
  2. ^ That's good to hear. Not available for me yet.
  3. Started the day by replacing a toilet seat, which was easy. This was followed by pressure washing the sidings of my house, which was unexpectedly not easy. The pressure washer kept malfunctioning until it finally died in middle of it all. At least I finished washing the front of the house.
  4. I'll be upgrading, but will probably wait couple of days.
  5. Can you write on the NTFS USB drive? If I'm not mistaken, you could always read NTFS drives (and copy files from them), but couldn't actually write on them without 3rd party software.
  6. The one I did eons ago was setup where for players you are keeping, you lost the pick in the same round as the round players were picked the previous year (e.g., if you picked Aaron Rodgers the previous year in the 1st round and you decided to keep him, you'd lose your pick in the 1st round for this year). I don't remember what we did for waiver pickups. I just checked my team, I have Green, Bryant, and ODB sitting on my roster. I'd completely forgotten about that since the rest of my team was atrocious, not to mention Green missing several games.
  7. ^ I completely forgot about that this year.
  8. I'm jealous of your garden. I pruned the crab apple tree in our front yard (yesterday). The tree and the yard look much, much nicer now.
  9. That looks great, Ian! I spent the morning putting on the first coat of solid stain on our picnic table. Now I'm sitting out in high 80s while waiting to put on the second coat.
  10. I started with reading glasses back in college and then went to full-blown prescription glasses few years later, when it occurred to me that I should probably be able to see/read the signs across the street while driving. Recently, got fitted for daily contact lenses since I really hate having glasses while using my camera.
  11. Damnit, should've known it would be the on-ear version.
  12. It wasn't the screen, but the spline for the screen. It was cheap enough that I didn't bother. In any case, I've (semi) successfully replaced the screen on my door. Now I need to do the same for ~20 windows. Joy.
  13. Started out the day getting stuff at Home Depot to replace the screens on house windows and door to our deck. Since I'm an idiot, I bought the wrong spline size for the door screen, which I can't return since I didn't realize it until I opened it up and tried to use it. Went out Lowes (closer than Home Depot, but I like it less) this time only to find they don't have the size I need in stock. Three hours into my day, I've gotten nothing done.
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