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  1. For anyone new starting the game... Useful web sites/web tools Coriolis - shipyard/ship build site. E:D Shipyard - another shipyard/ship build site. EDDB/Elite: Dangerous Database - you can find info on system/stations, where to buy things, trade routes, etc. INARA - Elite:Dangerous companion - very nice (though slow at times) site to keep note on your progress; station/system info; game news, etc. Active Discounts thread - over on the official forum w/ info on systems/stations with current and past discounts. Rare Commodities List! - over on the official forum. Not sure how up-to-date it is since I haven’t traded rares in a while. ED Black Market Finder - uses data from EDDB/EDDN. https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/ - E:D subreddit. If you can filter through the usual crap, it can be useful. Elite Dangerous Wiki - Not all up to date, but still useful. 3rd party tools TrackIR - the standard for PC head tracking device. Bit pricey at MSRP. EDTracker - a gyro sensor based head tracking device. TrackHat - A TrackIR alternative. VoiceAttack - Speech/voice to keystroke/mouse action software. HCS VoicePacks - Voice packs to use with VoiceAttack. Pre-built commands for E:D with voice feedbacks. I'm forgetting few things. I'll add more as I remember them.
  2. Here's a sample. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3_yZax1Ctk
  3. I use VoiceAttack with voice packs from HCS VoicePacks and they are nice, though they can be bit fiddly to setup initially. Truth be told, it's quicker for me to just use the buttons/keys on my HOTAS rig. Aside from the specific throttle settings (e.g., 0%, 25%, etc.), I've got everything bound to setup with the exception of ship lights, orbit lines, and rotation correction (which is always on, anyways). The only reason they're not bound is because I almost never use them, and if I do need to use them, I can just use my keyboard. With that said, random quips from Verity can be entertaining at times.
  4. Battled with defective/leaking ink cartridges. Now Amazon wants me to send back the defective cartridges, which I've already discarded for obvious reasons, for return/refund process.
  5. ^ what was it? The listing is gone.
  6. Why is this thread getting updated already? It's not even December. Sorry everyone who already got piled on with snow.
  7. That actually sounds fun. I finished, hopefully, the last round of leaf raking/blowing this morning. It wasn't terrible, but not fun either.
  8. To my surprise, there are still two RadioShacks within 5 miles of me. Now I need to look for soldering iron.
  9. I'm not sure Torpedo 3 is a good place to start.
  10. I really need to learn to solder/build stuff.
  11. GOG.com is having its Big Fall Sale, because everyone, including myself, needs more games in their library that they won't get around to playing for years, if ever.
  12. Sorry to hear of your power outages, Todd. I'm hoping this winter won't be too bad in that regard since we are on one of the lowest priority streets as far as my power company is concerned. We'd scheduled for the utility company come today since we had a day off (Election Day). My wife and daughter had somewhere else to be, so I stayed home hoping they'll show up early (8am-1pm was the time range they gave us). Turns out they'd messed up and didn't have one scheduled. At least I got some cleaning done around the house so the day wasn't a complete waste.
  13. Spent the day waiting for the utility company to show up to change our gas meter. Predictably, no one showed up.
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