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  1. Mike has his connected to speakers but uses a preamp I believe. I have the T2 connected to the GSX-mini (ridiculously good). No headphone out on the Lumin and both Mike and I use it with Roon. If you buy reach out for the dealer we used I would not use the digital volume as a preamp but I'm superstitious about using digital volume past a certain point.
  2. guilty as charged!! Totally enthralled and hypnotized by my latest purchase
  3. Nobody gives a crap - get a life
  4. on the dac note, I've had the opportunity to try Mike's Lumin T2 and it is pretty pretty good. So good that I ordered one. For those that like the Brooklyn this is a step up and has a fully realized streamer in the box as well. It also just works, no wonky set up issues and great sound. I would give it a week of play before serious listening though. I really like the Brooklyn and had one at the house for a bit.
  5. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎉🍺
  6. I've gone the SOTM 200 Ultra route, essentially a linux audiophool small computer built to only do audio. I run a Roon server connected to a network switch. I did this primarily to get the convince of Roon with better SQ. The Roon server sounds good but is not nearly as good sounding as the SOTM. For me Roon was the way to go to leverage my Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions. I'd cancel Roon but I'm on a package deal with Mike and Raffy. It just opens up so much more music to me and the Roon engine is pretty sweet.
  7. Amazing playing on these sessions and the sound quality is good as well
  8. In the JH line my current favorite is the Lola followed by Layla, two very different sounds. Layla is very studio monitor where the Lola has a more fun audiophile speaker tone. Great minds on the Lola.
  9. when I had initial issues MH was fantastic with phone support, even called me after-hours to get me up and running.
  10. I preferred the Ethernet connection to the usb for sound and stability. I know they were working on the usb but had the Ethernet pretty much nailed last I spoke with MH a few months back. im actually simplifying my rig and will be selling my ULN8 after ten years or so of service.
  11. wow freaking beautiful amp/dac!
  12. Steve, wish u could be celebrating with you. Happy Birthday!!!!
  13. Currently feeding the ULN8 via Ethernet from my Mac mini running roon. Sounds great
  14. Happy Birthday Mike!!!
  15. Thanks guys for all the well wishes!! I appreciate it. It was awesome seeing some of you on my NorCal trip.
  16. Happy Birthday Carl ??
  17. Steve, Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day!!
  18. Happy Birthday Wayne, hope you had a great B-day
  19. Steve I may be kidding myself but this sounds significantly better than 2d and yes long Ethernet runs are a plus. Mac mini in the tv console and a flat cat7 cable running under the rug to the audio rack where the MH sits
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