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  1. I'll be there Sunday morning at 10 ish, I am interested in hearing the Enigma Acoustics Dharma that will be there. It is a pre production model from what I understand, the speakers I have heard from these guys at RMAF were outstanding. If you use the phrase "Amar sent me" at the door the one day price goes from $20 to $10 according to the HF thread.
  2. damn wish I could but I am a weak ass maybe at this point
  3. cool I'll plan on Sunday then
  4. the headphone part is only on Sunday so I would want to pass by that, I would try to br there around opening time at 10am
  5. Anyone here stopping by this audio show, I'm thinking about it as it is probably a 2 hourish drive from me. www.capitalaudiofest.com
  6. Happy Birthday David, hope you had a great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. just order them semi enjoy the sweet sweet music and before you know it you'll have them PS I hate to wait as well
  8. Al my friend Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day filled with family, friends and great beverages.
  9. I've been using this for probably the past 5 years or so, first with out the phono mod them with it. Sounds great to my ears and allows for LP archiving on the fly! Just press record
  10. yes at RMAF and I really liked Angie and Layla and think they a nice step up from the 13 offering more detail and spatial information. I'm on the fence though about the cost of the Layla and think I might just go Angie, Layla is beer but the cash difference is really significant
  11. I had mine done and it's totally worth it
  12. Jeff hope you had a great day !
  13. Tom sorry to hear about your health hope your back up to speed soon.
  14. Happy Birthday John and Frank! Hoping you both had great days
  15. the mac app is pretty good and the amarra sq software is a pretty nice complement to it
  16. jp11801

    Yo, guys

    if your lucky you could get the first shovel of 2015!
  17. Jacob hope you have a great Birthday!
  18. Art Pepper amazing career his early stuff is great but his later live albums may be better
  19. John thanks for posting this and for saying what is in our hearts. I'm off to my Mom's today and will be celebrating for the next 5 days or so with my family.
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