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  1. FUCK! I hate FedEx, I live in a mixed commercial/residential building, so I place a sign on the front door telling the FedEx robot my door is on the side of the building the FedEx robot instead of coming to the side door (which also had a sign on it indicating this was in fact the correct door for the delivery) put the missed delivery door tag on the sign on the front door that asked the robot to go to the side door. Rant over - impression of the Schiit will have to wait until said robot can deliver the amp to the nearest FedEx store - holding my breath on this one
  2. lazy and raising this from the dead, I have a Mjolnir 2 on the way, while I am pretty sure that PCC88/7DJ8s are drop in subs for the 6922/6DJ8 family of tubes just checking here with anyone that may know prior to toasting the amp. Thanks
  3. Gene, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day.
  4. Purk, I too in a world where we wanted portables small would have preferred a slightly bigger size. I have matched the Mojo with the AT3ks and the LCD-X (its all I have at the moment) and they both wound wonderful, I thought about pairing the mojo with the Sony but is seems like ridiculous overkill, I need to get an adaptor to make the cable I have work. I am trying to figure out the best way to use the Mojo as a desktop device and as a partner to the iPhone. For the $600 price tag it is a segment redefiner, I hope they don't try to make up their low margin with expensive add ons like the iPhone snap on kit. I would pay a few hundred for a snap on card reader player. I am going to try and pair it with my Genelec 8050 in the coming weeks but need a series of adapters to go from the mini out to XLRs for the speakers.
  5. just plugged it into the mac mini and pressed play, sorry to hear about driver issues and hope you get it sorted soon. I've ben discovering the joys of Plex and playing my high res content from my mac mini through my phone out to the Chord Mojo. I found the Ne Player app for IOS works great to play the high res content where the Plex app played all files as 16/44 and the Ne player played all at the correct sample and bit rates.
  6. So I picked up the Chord Mojo as a B-day gift to myself and wasn't expecting to be blown away but so far after 2 days I am pretty stoked. Bests the portable players I have here like the Sony NW x2, iBasso dx90, Caylx and the 901. Sucks that it is not a full dap and I have to strap it to a note3 or iPhone or computer but worth the hassle. Anyone else here take the plunge on this, it so far has kicked ass with the JH13 and 16s as well as my LCD X and the AT W3ks, Lots of texture and spatial cues with the mojo. More info t come if anyone is interested. Pairs very well with IPAs and pale ales!
  7. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great time. The beer selections sound fantastic!
  8. Thanks folks, headed into NYC tomorrow to dine with an old friend
  9. Dinny, Happy Birthday my friend!
  10. Happy Birthday Mikey and Chris!!!!!!
  11. Larry, best wishes to you and your family. I hope at the end of this tough journey both you an McKenna get back on your feet and past this horrible accident.
  12. Late to the party, Happy Birthday Dusty, hope you had a great time
  13. Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a great time
  14. Happy Birthday Peter and Carl - Hope you both are having awesome days! Wish I could split myself in two and celebrate with you both.
  15. Happy Birthday Vicki!! WE'll have to celebrate when I am in town next week
  16. jp11801


    recently returned a Tempurpedic Rhapsody Luxe (too hard for this side sleeper and too $$$) and bought a Brooklyn Mattress medium firmness for 1/5 the price. SO far I am loving the new mattress.
  17. Happy very belated Birthday, Hope you had a great time!
  18. The Field Coils that I heard with Al made by OMA were stunning although ungodly expensive. So fast and extremely present some of the best sound I have ever heard, goose bump good and I almost never feel that way.
  19. yes on the Enigma Acoustics not being that good, I like the idea as well and hope they'll improve ( I think these were a beta test sample) Dusty yes I believe that was the retailer, really cool horns in one room and Audio Note smallish but great sounding speakers in another. Sorry to hear about your sleep issues Dusty. The Oddysey room was very cool and bargain priced compared to some of the others.
  20. good stuff, I was very impressed with the MicroZotl 2 amp and may be buying one in the next week as there is a 10% off for the show. The horns I heard in the Deja Vu room were stunning, the Vinnie R room was pretty great as well, I know his amp is controversial here but it sounding nothing less than great with the Harbeth speakers he was using with them. Great to see Chris and hope to connect with the Mid Atlantic HC crew soon. oh the Enigma Headphones kinda sucked IMHO not ready for prime time.
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