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  1. he has #23. there were about 5 that i finished and were shipped in no particular serial # order
  2. The best layout software is the one you know how to use
  3. maybe i just got a bad batch, but i had a lot of trouble with the Alpha pots and plan to stop offering it in the GS-X mk2. A large percentage of them have a noticeable lump at a particular point when turning it. Sometimes you have to have a large knob attached first and then turn it slowly to find the spot. but around half of them ended up in the trash
  4. I use a Diamondclean with Sensodyne toothpaste
  5. in the end, there will be 3 facebook/apple/google edit: i forgot Zune
  6. Going to get one of the Sonnet Echo thunderbolt docks i think the blu-ray drive model is only $33 more than a DVDRW. so that makes sense. and it comes with software to play blu rays the blu-ray burner model is another $100, and you're on your own for playback software. Having never burned a blu ray before or even played one on my computer, is the burnable media worth it?
  7. At the time I had read that lithium ion batteries last the longest if they are stored around 2/3 charged. No idea if it's true. if you're going to recycle the battery it would be better to do it with no charge to avoid the possibility of the battery being shorted
  8. the improvements were made after the first batch which was up to #11 i think this included fixes to the circuit board - some parts that had to be added by hand in the first version, done underneath the board, a better panel ventilation pattern, multifilament sleeving on the cable, circuit boards cleaned by machine, gold plated tube sockets instead of nickel, and that's about it
  9. and when was the last time YOU measured a $38k amp?
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Surly-Long-Haul-Trucker-Deluxe-64-cm-/172243863057 anyone ride a 64cm? i've been watching ebay almost a year to try to find a 54cm frame
  11. would have been better before tonight's warriors/thunder game
  12. my first meet in 2 years, i'm not sure i remember what to do. also, i'm still awake. oops..
  13. You can still go, not too late.
  14. jumpers could be superior to trying to route the pcb on 2 layers. i'm sure there are many boards that we made that were worse because we felt we were doing something wrong if we used a jumper. before people started moving to SMD parts there was even the anti vias group
  15. yeah, it will probably blow with fast blow unless you use a much higher rating and thanks to that tiny sliver of solder i look out for that double now
  16. hopefully just the fuse. i did undersize them a little, and found they blow one in every few hundred tries. enough that i occasionally get an email, tell the person to check the fuses, and replace. that usually does it. i did increase them 0.5A on the latest batch to try and prevent that.
  17. i was on my way to buy a Krell SACD player when the owner dropped it. This must be a Krell problem i think this has actually been around for quite a while. The company is, or was, buying teflon Stax jacks from me so i had an idea of how many they were building. Someone who paid 5k for a BHSE 5 years ago could turn around today and sell it for 5-6k. That will not be the case for this amp. In case of repairs it would also be sent to Russia which from my experience, about 20% of packages never make it to delivery - a major reason why I stopped shipping the jacks directly to Russia
  18. in 10 years maybe..there's nothing wrong with leaving it uncovered
  19. i agree, no harm in leaving it exposed if you will eventually clean it
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