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  1. I've decided on a new look, for the weekend. I think it works rather well on the NATO (from clockwork synergy). If I had my NOS bezel installed, the blues would be almost identical.
  2. I quoted Dusty, in my attempt at a joke...
  3. That more or less makes it sashimi. I approve.
  4. That would be a badass name for a Ziggy cover band!
  5. Sure they do, you just have to "tuck them" just right.
  6. I kind of like "Atomic Floyd." Sounds like a character from a 2000AD comic. He could be a member of the Strontium Dogs.
  7. I'm gonna try to get Justin to pay my way for the next NY meet. I'm not gonna eat all that meat, but I'll certainly drink the alcohol.
  8. Any alternatives to Comcast in your area?
  9. Hello Kitty earbuds and a BHSE. Done and done.
  10. I would probably have chosen something else as a work surface.
  11. I hope little monkey grows to be 6'9". Dinny works hard, and deserves to get to be carried around in a papoose.
  12. I mean, it's not Japanese, but Kimchi on tacos is brilliant.
  13. make your own: http://www.tasteofcuba.com/pancubano.html
  14. You don't eat a lamb that delicious all at once.
  15. I realized, reading this thread, that I have watched zero NBA games, this season. I love basketball, but it has become similar to baseball, for me: I follow along via stats, watching highlights, until the post-season.
  16. My best friend gave me a sealed Pilot Kakuno pen, for my birthday. This is the one that's really made for children, and has a smiley face on the nib. It's adorable, in its packaging, but I finally wanted to use it, so I dug into my pen box to find the CON-50 converter I knew I had. I found the converter, but I also found my 1977 fine nib Long Murex. I swear I sold this, last spring. I guess not, since I have the pen but don't any bad ratings on eBay. I had dropped it, at some point, and a plastic piece inside the cap (which keeps the cap from spinning, when the pen is closed) had broken. I'm thrilled to find it, as I didn't want to sell it. It goes off to the pen hospital at Pilot in Jacksonville, Fl tomorrow. My guess is that it ends up going to Japan, but I've waited this long on a pen I didn't even know I still had! The Kakuno writes much better than it has any right to. Better than my Waterman Kultur Phileas, and about on par with my Lamy All-Star (which is my benchmark for inexpensive fountain pens).
  17. That looked like my 6th grade Intramural team. I was not a good shooting guard. They should have had me at power forward.
  18. I'm fairly confident, on this one.
  19. Probably more socially acceptable than velvet.
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