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  1. No, not particularly. It's not the best recorded album ever, but the bass isn't standing out for me as being a problem. This is with my speakers. Is there a particular track where it's standing out for you the most?
  2. I have the AP cd. The bass sounds fine to me.
  3. Again, Zach, there is no requirement that you be an asshole. Just in case you didn't read the fine print.
  4. Haven't watched the video. When doing high temp searing, a lot of smoke will be produced.
  5. The Apollo-R is made to be a transport to the matching Apollo DAC, so I'm sure it'll do a great job.
  6. You're right, Dusty. Brain fart. I think I'm right about the blu-tack, though.
  7. Decoupling is minimizing surface area between the components. Spikes do that. Blu-tack does the opposite; as a tacky material, it couples the speakers to whatever they are on. Sand doesn't decouple, it dampens. Those Zingalis are beautiful, by the way.
  8. I have my speakers decoupled (granite slabs resting on sorbothane pads, then the speakers are on spikes on top of the slabs). I've only lived in old houses with bouncy wooden floors, while owning these speakers, and decoupling substantially improves bass quality in that situation, and helps prevent bothering neighbors. Without decoupling, these old trampoline floors vibrate horribly.
  9. These were excellent sun-drieds. Taste like red wine and honey.
  10. Has enough cheese to choke a starving llama. The finishing sauce was made with fresh and sun-dried tomatoes (amongst other things) and was simmered with a rind of Parmesan. Most flavorful sauce I've ever made.
  11. And with any other hack poet, they'd go get the $1,000,000, but Bob Dylan doesn't need the money.
  12. I'd be happy to take that DL160 off your hands, seeing as you no longer like it, and all.
  13. EdipisReks1


    Because I am not a Diet Coke guy.
  14. EdipisReks1


    "Limit your emotional affect, please" is going to be my new catch phrase.
  15. EdipisReks1


    It's just that kind of show! I can't wait for the next ep. I feel like this one was a real turning point. In the best possible way. Anyone else really want to go on a date with Thandie Newton? I'd like to hear Basement Jaxx on player piano, next, but they've been fairly gothic. Maybe Bauhaus, next ep?
  16. EdipisReks1


    I giggled when the Cure started.
  17. I wasn't thinking about the fat, to be honest. I can see that, but that's pretty picky! I'm assuming she prefers that the fat melts into the meat a bit more? This might make an interesting study, comparing beef fat to pectin. Pectin's melting point dramatically changes the way a vegetable feels in the mouth: it softens/dissolves at one temp, but at another temp, very close to that point, it turns to liquid and leaves the vegetable, It's why it's important to just get beyond that temp, when cooking vegetables sous vide. Otherwise you are poaching them.
  18. Really, just 2 degrees? 2 degrees can be a big deal with eggs, but I can't see it with beef, especially since the meat is cooked, even at that temp. On the very rare occasions I eat beef, I do 118. I give the meat a light going over with the searz-all, before sealing the bag (some people do a brief simmer, but I don't like adding liquid, even small amounts, to meat being cooked sous vide), so there is little additional risk, and a prime sirloin done at 118 for 6 hours and then seared with a combination of a screaming hot carbon pan and a searz-all on full blast is just a thing of absolute beauty. Last had one after my divorce finalized. Probably won't have another any time real soon. If it's not at least 1 inch thick, I don't recommend going beyond 4 hours, but a 1.5 inch thick sirloin benefits from the extra time, at least at the lower temp. I'm sure that steak was delicious, I'll quit breaking your balls and explaining your business to you, now.
  19. I was just teasing your medium-rare.
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