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    I thought it was great, and it has tons of potential.
  2. It was yesterday, but kimchi pressure-cooker risotto (made with miso broth that included kimchi juice and parmesan rinds, with sautéed kimchi, garlic, and shallot, with ajikiri and sake replacing the normal white wine) and roasted butternut squash soup. Nice early autumn meal.
  3. I'm not going to post a pic, but I finally tracked down a PCS 7067/8 Beatles White Album. NM vinyl, but the sleeve and labels looks like they were dipped in water and tossed in a cave (maybe they were?). It took a significant cleaning (1 part 91% isopro, 1 part distilled water, .5 parts white vinegar, two caps of jet dry, in a half liter spray bottle, followed by microfiber cloths), but it sounds amazing.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it. The battery just means that it had been on the shelf for a week or two longer than "normal." Regarding the typing, if it's fine after a restart, it's a-ok.
  5. I have a "Mustang" nubuck. It's now black, as I dropped fountain pen ink on it, so I dyed it black (I also waxed it and textured it with a brass brush). I've worn mine quite a bit, and I haven't had much in the way of stretching. Great straps.
  6. Is that a Heuerville strap on the Sinn?
  7. Did they play "Quitter" or "Tyler?"
  8. Linguini made with tomato oil, copious garlic, toasted pine nuts, fresh basil, spinach, and parsley, sundried tomatoes, gorgonzola, cream, parm, and linguini. This was earlier tonight.
  9. Houses of the Holy. Not my pic, but a NM of the same pressing.
  10. Applied for a bunch of jobs, then made and served a bunch of pasta, and then played a bunch of board games while listening to a bunch of LPs. Not a bad Thursday evening.
  11. 2016 sucks ass. Then again, viraltimelapse is not a great source. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian still being, you know, alive.
  12. Gerry Mulligan Meets Been Webster. Reissue DMM
  13. Me too, this is an excellent question. Amplification and source.
  14. Pink Floyd - Animals Horace Parlan - Speakin' My Piece
  15. I'm interested in the Elear. I still need to get my DAC-1 and my HeadRoom Stack fixed (should be sending both out this week), but I was thinking about getting the HD-800S. I loved the soundstage of the HD-800 (owned them twice), but even modded, the treble and lack of warmth eventually grated on me. If I could use my Extreme I would, but it picks up radio signals in my apartment (perfect storm of bad locations). The Elear is pretty warm, right? I'd love something that split the difference between my vintage RS-1 and the HD-800, while being better than either.
  16. Considering the price, I find the "probably" to be disappointing.
  17. I used to have an HDCD capable CD player (modded music hall something or other). I never noticed much of a difference, but I always liked it when the orange (I think it was orange) light came on.
  18. I've been doing something quite similar, since I got my blender. Pretty energizing and filling, in the morning.
  19. Betty Blake Sings... In A Tender Mood. Japanese reissue vinyl.
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