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  1. Well that really sucks, he had to die while the witless shrub was still in charge of the asylum .... shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits!
  2. Happy Happy Joy Joy feliz cumplea
  3. Is there a reason why you guys didn't have them do a direct bank deposit? We received our check, via direct deposit on May 9th.
  4. Now that is impressive, if a little weird.
  5. Soundwise, I think they are the best closed headphones that can be driven by a reasonably powered amplifier. My only issue with them is that after 1 1/2 to 2 hours they become uncomfortable for me to wear. That's why I use them at my home desktop (shorter listening sessions) but not at work where I use recabled Denon D2000s (longer listening sessions). They don't get any play on the big rig since I much prefer any of my balanced cans.
  6. The HCA-1200 is a helluvanamp. If mine wasn't destroyed when our basement flooded in SD I would still have that baby.
  7. Nice! Welcome to the club, I will PM you the secret handshake.
  8. Happy father's day. It's great when it actually means something. As usual you have a great attitude toward the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Your daughter is as lucky to have a great father as you are to have a beautiful daughter.
  9. Good transition. Reminds why I really don't hate vBulletin, just "some" of its implementations.
  10. Well its the touch and not the iphone so I'm not sure what new touches will be coming out soon. I did get it for a good price since it was open box plus I had a bunch of BB rewards from our TV purchase a while back. Yes it is. Audiocats is a great guy to work with. I am a big believer in the importance of power supplies and this mod has only made that belief stronger. This system has about as much bass now as the little SR-001/003 is capable of (based on comparison using an SR-003 on an ES-1). I don't think you missed anything, I believe Dusty thought it was an iphone not an itouch.
  11. Actually bought it a while ago but just received the modded unit back last Friday and just got to listen to it today. I'm becoming a hopeless Jobsian, first an iMac and now this. I feel so dirty.
  12. Well I guess that is all relative to what its being compared to. My comment was meant as a general comment and not directed at anyone in particular.
  13. The DT-880 600's have plenty of bass, it is just not pronounced compared to the mids and highs so it may seem recessed to some. Although not as power hungry as K340's the 880's you really can't use a fagpiley amp or they will sound thin. Running them balanced out of a GS-X sounds very good, but they have also been recabled. Back to the D2000's. I use them at work as I really need a closed headphone there. Although not up to the standards of the HD-25-1-II, they are much more comfortable over longer listening sessions. An APS recable certainly helps the frequency balance as it makes the bass much less pronounced caompared to the mids. They also sound better out of the tubed Shanling than they do out of the headroom portable desktop.
  14. Congratulations, it took you frickin' long enough
  15. Grawk: Sorry about your dog (family member). I totally agree with your philosophy, you can't win if you don't play. Reks: Congratulations on the new job. sounds like it will be a piece of cake . Nate: Congratulations to you and your wife. Our son is the best thing that has happened to us and I'm sure you will shortly be thinking the same thing (if you are not already thinking it).
  16. That looks strikingly similar to the tractor we had when we lived in South Dakota. I hope yours is a lot more reliable than ours was.
  17. Very nice. I too would be very interested in a comparison of the 840c as CDP vs. as transport to the Northstar. and just to
  18. Well it is even more hilarious as you cannot turn off or even change the amount of upsampling on either the balanced or unbalanced analog outputs. You can only use pass-through on the digital outputs. This is from the introduction of the 840c manual, "A digital output is also fitted which can even output upsampled data at various rates and word widths, independent from the main audio output, which is always set at 24/384 for best sound quality." I'm not really sure what the reviewer was smoking, I'm not even sure he had an 840c in his system.
  19. I am currently recovering from my son's birthday party. I stopped counting at 10 4-year olds
  20. Used stock K340's will be all over the place. My first pair sounded like shit but I sent them to Larry for a recable. When I got them back, I was totally stunned by their sound. My current pair sounded very good stock and had them recabled balanced with Larry at Headphile. I would not send a pair of K340's to anyone else to mod. Larry knows the 340's very well. The 340's need a good amount of voltage to sound their best so balancing them really helps to deliver the power they need. When given enough power (which may mean driving them louder than other cans) they are sublime. The frequency balance is wonderful but they also do tonality right (better than the Senn 650's IMO) and just get out of the way. I may be in the minority but I actually prefer my modded K340's to the R10. Even though I run them balanced they sounded at least as good running single-ended out of the Zana as they do runing balanced on my GS-X. It has me looking now at a balanced tube amp for them. My suggestion is not to worry too much about the stock pair as long as they are in relatively good condition. I am not a big believer in the bass-heavy vs. bass light pairs as my take is that there is simply a lot of variation among the pairs out their since they are all relatively old and the conditions of use, storage, etc. among those pairs is very large. Modded pairs (using the same modder) brings them much closer together. My recommendation is Larry but to be honest i have not had any pairs modded by anyone else.
  21. And the ES-1 . But as stated earlier the sound signature is not really that similar to the OII. To me it is most similar to the HE-60 but even that is not that close IMO. I find my 003's to sound very good (given their limitations) out of the SRM-252II. They do sound better out of the ES-1 but not that much better. I would give the 3xx a try, but only because I am curious and don't feel like buying a 3xx amp.
  22. For drilling holes in snapping turtle shells
  23. WOWSERS!!! That looks really sweet. I think I will do that with my old Dual CS721. Let's see; Wood? Check. Tools? Check. Skill? I'll get back to you on that one \
  24. Hmmm... been falling behind a little here. First, with wireless mouse and keyboard, and and also the simpletech (except it's blue)
  25. Well I have the iMac up and running. Right now its primary duty will be to run squeezecenter for the abode as well as some web browsing. I have to say I am really impressed by the build quality and the quality of the OS. This is the first Apple computer product I have bought since my first PC in 1981 so I have not really paid a lot of attention to MAC software. It has the standard Mac apps as well as iWork 08. I will probably also put aperture on their to see how I like it for working with images. Other than that I am in the dark so tell me what other killer apps I should get to put my PC's to shame.
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