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  1. Took our son to the local pool so we could watch the lifeguard air-guitar to Journey
  2. Exactly. Some people need to read (or reread) "The Man Who Would Be King".
  3. I agree, with computers that already have Vista installed, 32 bit Vista is actually better (IMO) than 32 bit XP. 64 Bit Vista still has more incompatibility issues compared with 32 bit Vista.
  4. Not a problem. I'll email them my cell number.
  5. Thanks everybody. I look forward to meeting everyone, especially the Florida derelicts crew. My plane gets into BWI at 6:00 pm and I rented a car. If anyone needs a ride and doesn't mind driving with a recovering Chicago driver, let me know
  6. You guys have room for one more from Illinoise?
  7. Me too, just giving you some shit. Well I certainly won't dispute the circuit design claims of either yourself or Kevin. As far as the prices charged, that is somewhat outside of design. At the time I ordered mine there was not really anything to compete with it in current production. A different case now. Plus as you stated in response to Dusty, it's all about how it sounds. I intend to find out how it sounds compared to a BHSE as soon as possible. I also intend to do a comparative review, which is one of the reasons I am taking internal pictures of the ES-1. After my comparison, which is likely to take some time I will likely sell one of the amps or else I will have one hell of an office rig.
  8. Yes it does. However, it does have issues. I will open mine up again sometime in the next couple of weeks and can take some detailed pictures if anybody wants them. Please PM me with any specifics you would like to see. I have a DSLR with a macro and ring-light so I can get some nice close-ups. There are certainly bias issues on my ES-1 with certain tube combinations but not with others. Kevin's explanation certainly makes sense. The fit-and-finish was and is a little disappointing. No other issues than that and the sound is certainly not disappointing. I also agree that it is a good move making the thread public. I also hope that we can keep it civil and not have it turn into a lynching (i.e calling something a joke is a little childish, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion).
  9. Wow, that was a quick turnaround. Thanks.
  10. THe character limit for the gear sections of the user profile seem a bit on the small side. Can we bump them up a bit?
  11. Unfortunately, as CD44hi has stated, the fraudalent shipping info is not new. I had at least three different shipping emails that turned out to be "mistakes". That was and is the most frustrating part of dealing with Mikhail, not the wait times, but the lies concerning shipping dates and actual shipments. I have refrained from buying any additional even any used SP products as I have absolutely no confidence that I could get them repaired if need be. A true shame as I am very happy with the one amp I do have.
  12. I just bought three items I previously owned and sold: Headroom Coda Amp Headroom Overture LE DAC RSA Hornet - non M (Let it fly boys ) Oh and a headphile stand from JP#'s
  13. Double congrats. I am sure you will be happy, if not astounded by the GS-X. If anything happened to mine I would order another one in a heartbeat.
  14. I love that scene. Nate is a priceless Head-Case Treasure. Can we make him the official Head-Case translator?
  15. Noice all around. We have the same Sony RP and it is a beauty. Can stand up to a four year old so that's a bonus.
  16. Happy Birthday guys. Why again does the cake have to be on ice in Iceland? J/K even though I still do hangout some on HeadFi but everybody does love cake
  17. Very nice and now I have another reason to try and make the DC meet.
  18. For the best SQ - Sennheiser HD-25-1 II and don't look back except to replace the stock cord with a HD-580/600/650 cord. For the best comfort and Good SQ - Go with the Denons, they are a steal at their current price
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