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  1. I did quite well in Aiken, SC for 20 years thank you. But then again I kinda like huntin and fishin.
  2. Yes, I do. However, I do believe that and it is the concept I fall back on, sometimes unsuccessfully, to keep my arguements civil. I was not implying that every post in this thread was merely a piling on. There are posts in this thread which actually attempt to be helpful. Some of those posts are somewhat harsh, but I have no problem with them. There are also posts which are meant to be harsh and/or demeaning and those seem rather unneccessary as there is little to nothing there meant to be helpful. FTFY as two peoples reality may or may not converge, IMO. Oh I have been a bastard and will almost certainly be one again, but unfortunately it doesn't always work. No, I actually meant that everyone except aerius was entitled to their own opinion. But that is only because I dismiss aerius, not his opinions
  3. Absolutely not. Then I would miss all your gaffs. I totally agree with you, just stating an opinion about what I saw happening. I do not necessarily have a problem with piling on (and aerius) but I do have a problem with someone not recognizing it as happening when it is clearly so. Did she bring it on herself, well that is an individual decision. Teaching college undergraduates and having a four-year old son (Go Power rangers) has been very good in teaching me to be a bit more tolerant and to practice "Hakuna Matata" because life is too short. I don't expect anyone to be me or act like me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, except aerius.
  4. So this thread is not an example of piling on and gang mentality? Please. At least the people calling for honesty from the threads subject should be honest and call it what it is. You can take it as a criticism or an an observation and if it makes me a pussy in someones eyes, well I have been called worse.
  5. I guess I understand not releasing a 64Gb touch. They probably felt they could not do it at the price-point they wanted. I do not understand reducing the classic line to only 120GB. I would have assumed they would have gone 120/250 from the previous 80/160. Oh well, I am no longer tempted to buy a classic.
  6. Mmmm Nice. DacMagic and Vince Vaughan Audio PSU. Sounds like a winner for the office rig.
  7. Well you can at least console yourself that your death, although protracted, will at least be excruciatingly painful.
  8. Regardless of where you get them from, make sure you can audition them in your room with your equipment. It varies from speaker to speaker but room interactions can drastically change the "sound" on most speakers. Internet dealers generally give you 30 days so plan accordingly. Most respectable brick-and-mortars will also give you a return period but you generally have to pay-up-front unless you have a well-established relationship with the dealer. Oh and another vote for the Paradigms. Now that our family room is done, (The carpet is going in as I type this) I will be buying the Studio Ref 100's, Studio Ref 20's and the CC-690 Center.
  9. With the VPI's you can also use two mats. One for dirty sides down and one for clean sides down.
  10. I guess I should have used a smiley and made the small print easier to see. I sold Earl the modded E5 and, although knowing better, listened to it for a while before packing it up for shipment. The 840c isn't really better, just different and more flexible with the digital inputs.
  11. I heard it sucks ... at least that's what I keep telling myself
  12. Hmmm .... I'm not sure the guy in the second link qualifies as a hippy as he was not born until a year after "the summer of love".
  13. Excellent! I may have something from EC by Chiunifi also
  14. Very Nice Ryan. You realize this means that it has to show up at Chiunifi-Redux! I have relatively recently become a big fan of Craig and I need to hear my HP-1's on the Moth and Zana Deux.
  15. Happy Birthday the younger of the Matts
  16. OK. Yeah I had to "bend" mine but its a fine line between vice-like and loose on these. They have gotten a little more comfortable over time, but I would not rank them in the top 10 for comfort.
  17. Was that with the stock cord? Switching out to the stock HD-650 IMO gives it a less "in-your-face" presentation and definitely cleans up some treble harshness. However, soundstage is what it is with this phone regardless of cable.
  18. I'm telling you, give the Senn HD-25-1-II a try (See post 19). DEW EEET!!
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