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  1. motorcyclists that get caught in my front grill ... selfish, inconsiderate fuckers.
  2. Well for out and about I would also suggest the Senn HD-25-1MkII. Just make sure and switch out the original steel headphone cable with a stock HD-650 cable (and turn the earpieces upside down). Here are a pair for sale
  3. So is there a reason to choose the AT440MLa over the AT440ML, other than the ML is no longer in production? The stated specs of the ML appear superior to the MLa?
  4. Thanks. Lots of good recommendations. I will track them down and try to make some decision. Right now the AT looks very interesting.
  5. Its the standard tonearm that came on the system. Straight 8.75" tubular tonearm with a detachable cartridge holder. Four-point gimbal suspension with adjustable counter-balance, tonearm height and anti-skating. Will accept any cartridge with a mass of 1 - 10 g. Unless you owned one (and had the manual at hand) there would be no reason to know any of that (unless you were practicing for an audiophile cocktail party).
  6. I am bringing my old Dual CS-721 (vintage 1976) out of retirement. I had some work done on it around 2002 and it works great. The cartridge on the other hand needs some help. It currently has an old Ortofon LM30 cartridge. A replacement stylus costs about the same as a new cartridge of comparable quality. Therefore, I am looking at alternative cartridges for this table. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, especially from those using older direct drive turntables
  7. I think stupid and inane posts are da bomb.
  8. morphsci


    Well small world. I was there from 74 - 81 (Forestry). Was only back about 3 times from 81 - 05. Now I live 45 miles south, go figure.
  9. morphsci


    I did not know you went to UI. When were you there? I also remember the smell and it is still there (at least it was last week).
  10. Thank dog, I was starting to feel old. Welcome and sorry about your thin and wrinkled skin.
  11. morphsci


    And there's also a pair of MS-Pro's about 45 miles south if you want to give them an audition
  12. Do the upper end EAR phono stages have subsonic filters?
  13. Yeah, I was really bummed when Logitech bought Slimdevices. But I have to hand it to them, they actually seem to be leaving the creative side alone and certainly Slimdevices has b rought new products to market much more quickly under the Logitech umbrella. I'm hoping they can do the same for UE, maybe then I can afford a UE custom.
  14. Happy birthday to the man that knew about headphone audiophilia before there were headphones
  15. We took the canoe and our son on their maiden voyage on Lake Charleston today. I almost forgot how great canoeing can be.
  16. I used to work for UGA, so Happy Birthday!
  17. Well if it's weird then it's me who is eird as Mikhail was just doing what I was asking. I actually do not use that function now as my sources connects digitally to my speaker amp and thus bypass the ES-1/preamp entirely. Of course that was not the case when I originally ordered the ES-1. Good call. It could be the v-3310 based upon the remote.
  18. Except he really needs full access if he is to get the full story. Now back to our regularly scheduled lynching discussion.
  19. You are correct sir. No double attenuation here.
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