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  1. Well hell has frozen over, the cubs have won the world series, George Bush has said something clever, I will be buying an iMac. All patently unlikely a few short months ago but I will most likely be buying an iMac to do multipurpose duty in our kitchen dining area. One of its duties will be to act as the server for squeezcenter. I am currently running squeezcenter 7.0 on my laptop but it will need to be out and about most of the summer so I need a more permanent solution. Is anyone running squeezcenter on a MAC? Any glitches or problems? Thanks.
  2. The actual background here is slightly flatter.
  3. I also don't think the prices are out of line at all. You really have to see the headroom amps in person and listen to them to appreciate their quality. I have always considered them underappreciated, especially on HF. I am also very interested in the amp stands, especially now that my new desktop speakers have arrived and are awaiting set-up.
  4. I want to see if they live up to the hype and I need something nearfield for my desk, so we'll see. Were you looking at the ones on HF? If so then I'm sorry ... well actually I'm not since I will get to listen to them
  5. I believe it is saved in Alex's reply to Markl a couple of posts down from his now edited post.
  6. True, but there are many inconsistencies between what Jena said on their website (which is likely to be changed or deleted) and what was said in the email to Morph201. The other statements by Alex and the R10's owner are consistent internally and between the two. Although not irrefutable proof, looking at the balance of evidence I will not be using JL's services. My take on it is they are basically pleading demonic intrusion. Damn Voltron you are a machine .. Err I guess that is stating the obvious
  7. Slim Devices Duet. OK I admit it the Duet remote is much better than the Nokia N800 I was using.
  8. Very nice all around. I am especially interested to hear your impressions on the headphone output of the icon. I have been pondering buying one for my work system.
  9. You and my son, except he doesn't use virtual sticks ouch!! Giving an exam gives you so much free time ....
  10. Or he is being used by them to get their "message" out but if it backfires they can always say that was not their official statement. Plausible deniability. Oh, and by the way, I am the real (non Ass-hat) Morph !!!
  11. That's not quite fair, I for one enjoyed the comic relief.
  12. I listened to the 780's last weekend, even Jena Labs is not enough punishment for those piles of warthog excrement (Can you guess my sons current favorite movie?)
  13. morphsci

    Markl Mods

    Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin about ...
  14. Well I'll just have to be contrary and suggest a GSX also, especially if you primarily want to use it balanced. This amp simply gets out of the way and lets you here your source and transducers better than any other headphone amp I have used or heard. It also has plenty of power as it drives K340's very well.
  15. It may or may not, but I don't see why it would always be better. The best way to tell I suppose would be to compare them based upon how they sound not how the specifications read, but hey, that's just me.
  16. I second the headroom micro portable with DAC. New it will set you back about $600. The headroom then gives you the option of connecting your PC either optically or via USB so you will be able tyo compare for yourself and decide which you prefer. This still leaves you $200 which should be able to get a used HD580, 600 or even a 650. If you want closed I would suggest a Senn HD-25-1 II (but take off the stock cord, flip the earcups around and replace it with a stock 650 cord). Not as comfy as some phones but still my favorite relatively easy to drive closed phone, and it is one tough little phone also.
  17. I guess I'll start this here with what I posted over at head-fi: Well, first things first, thanks to cryhavoc for a great job organizing this meet and GO SPURS. Second thanks to skylab and his wonderful family for allowing all us crazy headfiers to share their beautiful domicile. I must say Rob, I only hope my son grows up to be as well-behaved and charming as your children. O.K. now on to the real business. The highlight of the day for me was unfortunately not headphone related. It was Skylab's vinyl rig, the sound was glorious (as is Rob,s taste in music, eclectic is good!). The Denon turntable was not only glorious to behold but produced some great sounds, especially out of the B&W 800ds (I'm pretty sure that's what they were). Truly a great sound, I guess I know where I will be going next! Back to headphones. Zana Deux - I finally was able to listen to the headphiled K340's out of this and it was an great experience. My comment was that if I had heard the K340's out of the Zana earlier, I would have felt no need to go balanced. Yes Margaret, it is that good. B52 - I also got to spend some quality time with the K340's on this "little amp". Listening to Bella Sonus I was amazed not only by the quantity of bass but also by its quality. Although it did not thump quite as hard as Rays R10 I actually preferred the frequency presentation of the K340s compared to the R10 (good for my wallet). I may need to rethink my dynamic system as I am now convinced (I know I have already been told this) that the K340 does synergize better with some (but not all) tube amps. Maybe I'll wait for Uncle Ray to throw his monkey in the wrench K400 - Although I did not have much time it will definitely require my attention in the not too distant future. HFI 780 - meh. I'd rather listen to my 650 pro's. Seemed recessed and appeared to have gaps in the frequency response. DT 990 - Meh, yawn. It doesn't do anything better than the HD 650 or 701 can do, so I see no need for it in my stable. If you do not have either one of these, especially the 650, then I see where it might be attractive. I am pretty sure this was a custom manufacture 990. I feel better about my recabled custom 880 . Listened to a few other things including a Meier amp vberch brought along but I cannot remember what model it was. It sounded nice but less than dynamic, I will not comment further until I figure out exactly what model it was. As usual the best part was seeing old friends and meeting new ones, the forum is good but meets are what its all about. Thanks again to the organizers and hosts for an excellent meet. ------------------------------------ Two additional comments: For the K340 mafia: We should have two new converts gentlemen And I am a slacker and took exactly zero pictures so to get it out of the way Hopefully some of the more conscientious members here (HaHaHaHa) will post some pictures
  18. And in honor of the Masters: Artist: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Album: American Dream Song: An American Dream Lyrics: I beg your pardon momma What did you say? My mind was drifted off on Martinique Bay It's not that I'm not interested you see Augusta Georgia is just no place to be
  19. Artist: Barnes and Barnes Album: Yeah: The Essential Barnes & Barnes Song: Fish Heads Lyrics: <REFRAIN> Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads Fish heads fish heads eat them up yum In the morning laughing happy fish heads In the evening floating in the soup Ask a fish head anything you want to They won't answer they can't talk I took a fish head out to see a movie Didn't have to pay to get it in They can't play baseball they don't wear sweaters They're not good dancers they don't play drums Roly poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino at Italian restaurants with oriental women yeah I actually like Grace Slick's version that she performed on SNL. Oops, showing my age...
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