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  1. O.K. The main 2-channel rig is done, until I upgrade the analog output stage on the 840c.
  2. I did. The only dynamic can amp you have tried is a Gilmore Lite? Certainly a solid amp, but certainly not one I would pick as driving the 650, 501 or 701 to their potential. I guess my original supposition was not too far off.
  3. So given your current set-up I am assuming you used a Boosteroo for those?
  4. JayBird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + iPod adapter
  5. Hippy Birffday .... Burp ...
  6. Well I should be able to do some comparisons in a few months
  7. Happy Birthday to the head amp maker
  8. A pair of Wet Okole neoprene seat covers for the front seats of our outback. A 500Gb MyBook Basic external HDD
  9. Well that really sucks, he had to die while the witless shrub was still in charge of the asylum .... shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits!
  10. Happy Happy Joy Joy feliz cumplea
  11. Is there a reason why you guys didn't have them do a direct bank deposit? We received our check, via direct deposit on May 9th.
  12. Now that is impressive, if a little weird.
  13. Soundwise, I think they are the best closed headphones that can be driven by a reasonably powered amplifier. My only issue with them is that after 1 1/2 to 2 hours they become uncomfortable for me to wear. That's why I use them at my home desktop (shorter listening sessions) but not at work where I use recabled Denon D2000s (longer listening sessions). They don't get any play on the big rig since I much prefer any of my balanced cans.
  14. The HCA-1200 is a helluvanamp. If mine wasn't destroyed when our basement flooded in SD I would still have that baby.
  15. Nice! Welcome to the club, I will PM you the secret handshake.
  16. Happy father's day. It's great when it actually means something. As usual you have a great attitude toward the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Your daughter is as lucky to have a great father as you are to have a beautiful daughter.
  17. Good transition. Reminds why I really don't hate vBulletin, just "some" of its implementations.
  18. Well its the touch and not the iphone so I'm not sure what new touches will be coming out soon. I did get it for a good price since it was open box plus I had a bunch of BB rewards from our TV purchase a while back. Yes it is. Audiocats is a great guy to work with. I am a big believer in the importance of power supplies and this mod has only made that belief stronger. This system has about as much bass now as the little SR-001/003 is capable of (based on comparison using an SR-003 on an ES-1). I don't think you missed anything, I believe Dusty thought it was an iphone not an itouch.
  19. Actually bought it a while ago but just received the modded unit back last Friday and just got to listen to it today. I'm becoming a hopeless Jobsian, first an iMac and now this. I feel so dirty.
  20. Well I guess that is all relative to what its being compared to. My comment was meant as a general comment and not directed at anyone in particular.
  21. The DT-880 600's have plenty of bass, it is just not pronounced compared to the mids and highs so it may seem recessed to some. Although not as power hungry as K340's the 880's you really can't use a fagpiley amp or they will sound thin. Running them balanced out of a GS-X sounds very good, but they have also been recabled. Back to the D2000's. I use them at work as I really need a closed headphone there. Although not up to the standards of the HD-25-1-II, they are much more comfortable over longer listening sessions. An APS recable certainly helps the frequency balance as it makes the bass much less pronounced caompared to the mids. They also sound better out of the tubed Shanling than they do out of the headroom portable desktop.
  22. Congratulations, it took you frickin' long enough
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