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  1. I've used www.vacuumtubes.net before with good results, not sure how their prices rate and the only ordering interface is calling them on the phone (which doesn't bug me). I've also used "The Tube Store" and probably will again in the near future as they seem to have good prices and selection of 6V6's which I need for my next project.
  2. Well if it's an 1/8" jack you need I've probably got a little Neutrik that you can have for that as well. And I'm with you, I often listen at levels that probably don't need amplification at all. DIY Parts Warehouse standing by.
  3. Dusty, Shoot me a PM if you end up needing a plug. I think I have both the Neutrik and the Canare on hand and it would save you the hassle of trying to meet some minimum order $. Also, one more knock on the GRQ plug is that it doesn't have any sort of strain relief mechanism built in, there are things that you can do but the other two are also easier to work with in this regard.
  4. Dusty, If the plug got bent at all I'd replace it, better safe then sorry. Now whether that's DIY or factory is completely your call. My preferred DIY connectors are as follows: 1. Canare F14 - nice plug, easy to use 2. Neutrik NP3X-B (or similar) - nice, easy, gold contacts 3. Cardas GRQ S S - can be a serious pain in the ass if you don't have lucifer's soldering station
  5. Happy Flippin' St. Patty's Day To Ya!
  6. He started posting on Head-Fi again a while back so I shot him a PM asking if he'd finally had enough time to figure out whether or not he was going to refund any of the money that I paid him for his lovely fried NAD CD player. He's response was something like "not a chance"...
  7. fyrfytrhoges = asshole That's the only thing I see in that thread.
  8. Looks great! Nice and flexible.
  9. Jay, If they sent you a free CD player (for whatever reason, presumably your review on Head-Fi) what exactly do you think they do for Art who performs all of their US repair work for them? Let's assume for a moment that it's nothing, he still has a clear and defined relationship with Cattylink as their "endorsed" repair person which in itself would border on MoT status. Couple that with his rampant endorsement of just about any product Cattylink sells and I think it's pretty clear why they slapped him with the tag.
  10. If you're speaking of the "we" that is headcase then yes, we're all well aware of Art's thoughts and connections. But for anyone who does a quick google of Eastsound CD-5 and finds head-fi is the first link that pops up the MoT tag is at least something that might hint at the fact that he's not completely unbiased in his views. Note that I'm not trying to say that his advice is bad or that he hasn't helped a bunch of people out, only that the M helps tell a little more of the Art story.
  11. Then you really have to ask yourself, is it a better use of $1000 to build a rig that will have limited use given your current collection of vinyl or would you be better off and closer to achieving sound that you like by improving other areas of your rig? I started building towards a +/- $1000 vinyl rig and ultimately decided that it wasn't worth it. I've got 40 or so albums but have no desire to go hunting around for more or pay premium prices on ebay or wherever to get the ones that I do want. So I pulled back my rig plans even further and I'm now shooting for around a $500 rig. I've already got my Thorens TD 160 ($150) and my Hagerman Bugle ($75) is built but not cased so really all I've got left is to get a cart. I'll probably go with one of the lower end Grados and call it a day which will put me well below the $500 mark. I hope to have something that sounds decent and allows me to enjoy what vinyl I do have and leave it at that. My 2
  12. In my opinion, based on much advice gathered from those more experienced than myself, if you're going to spend more than a grand on your whole rig you should be prepared to include a good record cleaner in that budget or else you're really wasting your time.
  13. His Bottlehead isn't done yet. He cased it up for NYC but didn't finish the casework. And there's a ton of pictures of it in the NYC Meet Thread but it looks exactly the same as the one on the bottlehead website. Depending on how you think about it that's the beauty of their kits, they really are soup to nuts and you get a very nice looking product in the end.
  14. Perhaps the first thread worthy of deletion here at Headcase?
  15. Personally I steer clear of anyone who sells a $750 power cable wrapped in what would appear to be plastic wire loom.
  16. Here's my quick-take: Season 1 - good to great, definitely worth watching Season 2 - eh, somehow too much Kim was a bad thing Season 3 - gawd awful, my wife and I couldn't finish it After the season 3 debacle we decided to just pick it up this year and maybe go back to Season 5 which I've also heard was good this summer.
  17. I for one am not trying to argue that what Art does is necessarily a bad thing, only that his claims of being completely impartial are dubious.
  18. Art, Quick question for you. Have you ever received indirect compensation from Cattylink for your services? I'm talking discounted products, etc. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the answer to that might be yes but I'd like to hear you state something for the record.
  19. This would officially qualify as piss pour timing on her part. I guess it's worth saying that at least they got the album done with her vocals.
  20. I think this officially means that the case has hit the big time!
  21. I've only used the Hakko but it is a very nice piece. It heats up in about 10 seconds and seems to have very good recovery even during heavy use. I don't think you can go wrong with either and the price difference is only about $10 from what I found during quick searches. My 2
  22. If it were me, faced with this dilemma and the advice given so far I'd have a long think about custom IEMs. They should be more comfortable than universals from a "stuffed in the ear" perspective and something like the UE-10s or maybe something from Westone might be just what the doctor ordered. On the plus side you wouldn't need a uber-powerful amp to get the best out of an IEM either. Just my 2
  23. Grawk, I assume that you checked the IEC inlet to make sure that it doesn't have a built in fuse. It might not be the most obvious thing and I don't know if Mikhail has ever used inlets of that type. It might looking something like this. Also, it could definitely be something like the switch. If you've got a DMM it should be pretty easy to check the continuity at the switch (with the power disconnected for safety of course). Let us know what you're able to check.
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