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  1. I too am currently sourceless, or at least down a source. My primary DVD player in the living room has given up the ghost after moving and will not read anything but a virgin DVD and refuses audio discs altogether. So my trusty Toshiba that has already blown a power supply has been moved to the living room leaving the headphone rig sorely lacking for a transport for my Monica DAC. I think Haj will agree, I've got crap luck when it comes to DVD players! And Ethan, that sucks man. I can only imagine the anguish that goes along with losing a source that you actually like.
  2. Fow what it's worth I spent about an hour listening to the EC-01 at the national meet on the second day. It did get rather hot but drove my Senn 600s well and I was really impresed by the sound the little box made. My only gripe is the stupid locking headphone jack, man I hate those things. And given a choice I'd opt for a less square enclosure, it looks rather "alarm clockish" to me. Minor quibbles and the amp is probably a pretty good bargin at $350.
  3. Meat popsicle, love that movie (The Fifth Element for the uneducated).
  4. I have a record? I thought what was said here stays here . P.s. Best custom title ever.
  5. Can I bitch and whine about all the bitchers and whiners? Or will there be another thread for that?
  6. n_maher


    Back on topic - Hiya Larry, welcome to the jungle. Pretty sweet amps you make there man, gives us slacker DIY guys something to shoot for . Nate
  7. Didn't the porn industry basically decide the Beta/VHS thing as well?
  8. As I said on Head-Fi, must be a NH thing to prefer 2 wheels to 4.
  9. Can you visit Headwize at work? Here's the clown pulling the same stuff there too.
  10. I can only assume that you are aware of this thread. And I believe that HR recently revisited the pricing of the modules and serveral other upgrades in their lineup.
  11. Oh...god....I'm crying laughing at that picture...
  12. Only real item of interest that I see is allegedly Mikhail showed something to a couple of members that for now is an off-books project that cannot be discussed... Our own philodox has knowledge, maybe he'll share in the confines of the Casino?
  13. According to a conversation I overheard Sunday this is one of the reasons they won't be available for 6 weeks, they're still working on the packaging, seriously. And I can't remember who said it but someone close by said, "John, don't worry about it. I get pizza every Friday I don't need another box from you."
  14. And a few of us were wondering what this new high-end Grado will do to the prices of the so called "ultimate" Grados... This may be the one measurable impact of the new cans on the used market as I don't expect it'll do much to the lower end cans.
  15. Hey, that's my red jumper wire you're picking on . Ray broke the resistor setting up the amp before the meet. He was running around asking if anyone had a DMM he could use. I had brought mine figuring that something of mine would likely blow up during the meet so I let him use it and when he found the broken resistor he asked if I had a jumper, which I did so I gave it to him. I didn't get a chance to hear the amp as it was one of the more popular places at the meet and knowing what it would likely cost made it a non-issue for me.
  16. John said it has new drivers in it. Rumors put the price just south of $1k.
  17. Variety = spice of life. If you can afford it, keep 2, if you'd rather use the $$ for something else there's no shame in one.
  18. We can have a little K340 party with it .
  19. Both, but don't get to either much anymore since moving to the S4. Local wheeling space dried up in the course of a year which also prompted the sale of the ZJ, not to mentoin the 12mpg \. Nate
  20. GE, My 98ZJ used to roll on 32s, BB+OME suspension and such. In the end it proved to be a platform that just didn't seem to handle abuse very well , I'm sure longarms and such would have cured most of its ills but it was my DD and that wasn't in the cards. My other $$$ sucking hobbies include: photography (i'm a hack w/ my D70 and small used lens collection) and of course this... 2000 Triumph Sprint RS - lightly modded w/ 21k on the clock (90% mine)
  21. n_maher

    Pretzel Haiku

    I like salt. Pretzles are so good. Eat them, yum.
  22. n_maher

    Pretzel Haiku

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha! You talkin' bout my mom!?!?!
  23. Well, the National Meet sure is shaping up to be a doozy in product announcement terms, not that I can blame anyone with half a business mind for doing it that way. With HR's "new stuff" and Resistor-Ray's Balanced Bomber it won't be lacking, that's for sure. I wonder if Single Power will bring the SS amp I've been hearing about? Nate
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