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  1. 1. Yes it will benefit from a better PS, I'm not aware of a commercially produced alternative though. 2. You might try shooting a friendly PM to MisterX and see if he'd build you a STEPS. Ask nicely and be willing to work with him on schedule and I'd guess he'd hook you up proper. Quick question, what version PPA do you have? If it's V1 do you have chip or diamond buffers? Also, what opamps are in there now? I'll have a look at the 2107 and see if I see anything to discourage using them. Nate
  2. Well, for now this is what I've got. It only cuts 4' at a time but it also snow-blows the driveway. Or more correctly, it'd blow snow if we had any...
  3. This is the back yard. I have a little over 2.5 acres, all of which is grass. When I mow all of it (yes, I use a riding mower) it can take up to 6 hrs. Even w/ the Etys it's pure and utter misery.
  4. Ety fan boys unite! They're the only thing that got me through mowing my lawn this summer (a 6 hr. chore). For the record, the fan girls are welcome too, just not sure we've got any around at this point.
  5. Come on, I tried to disguise it as a number!
  6. I'm looking forward to Westone's new "3", from the sound of things it might be just what I'm looking for in my next IEM (low profile).
  7. Yeah, if I hadn't dumped so much $$$ into projects lately I'd be snatching up one of these. That'd be pretty much the tits for anyone running a wireless squeezebox setup (like me).
  8. Honestly, I'd find a way to buy the portable HD. I mean with prices like this you're basically getting the enclosure for free.
  9. After reading all that the first thought that popped into my head is that you really should try the HD600s before abandoning dynamic cans. They are different enough from the HD650s that after owning both and selling the 600s I bought a pair of 580s and modded them (re-screened) to get back what I felt like I was missing not having the 600s around. Some times I feel like the 650s are better, some times it is the other way round.
  10. I would not be at all shocked if one of the headphone manufacturers launched a new headphone at the National Meet this year. I think most of them in attendance last year were a bit taken aback by the amount of $$ that even the low-end users like myself have tied up in a headphone rig.
  11. There's not a store within 50 miles that has a 42" 3-LCD HDTV in stock. :'( The 46 is too big and I haven't found an LCD that I like that has a price I can live with. I guess I'll be holding off on the purchase for a bit...
  12. If you're going to bother braiding your own I would get some non-flea bay wire - who knows what the heck that stuff is? I've used 22ga Belden SPC from Handmade Electronics for signal wire and it's quite nice. Otherwise, as a start, you might try just reterminating the stock HD650 cable with whatever XLR's you're going to use and see how it sounds. Mikhail uses that exact cable to demo his amps at meets so it can't be total crap.
  13. Well, the year-end bonus checks came in today so it looks like I'll be joining the HDTV ranks. I should be ordering a 42" Sony 3-lcd later today, it's back down to $999 again and at that price it's impossible to pass up.
  14. I had forgotten how hilarious RnB's adverts were. "Simply Stunning" used to be my favorite. It has now been eclipsed by, "Only one man that makes them." Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaaha, how can anyone take this guy seriously? He has become what he used to mock on Head-Fi, an overpriced cable manufacturer.
  15. It's Marshall's (MisterX) version of the PINT. Here's a whole thread about it.
  16. So far I like the Van Halen entry best... never has a band's career gone on for so long after they stopped being good .
  17. I've owned all three now and I had the 600 and 650 for a while side by side. I think it has a lot to do with system synergy and personal listening preferences. To my ears they both sound very good, especially when paired with a complementary after-market cable. For me, with the PPA, the somewhat drier top end of the 600s coupled with leaner bass didn't pair as well as the 650s so I sold the 600s to Ian (en480c4 here) who loves them with his EC lunchbox. Since then I've picked up a pair of 580s and modded them with 600 grills. Without an amp, when I'm watching movies or TV through my Senn DSP, I find the 580s easier to listen to than the 650s.
  18. Two words - Hagerman Bugle From everything I've read it's absurdly good for what it'll cost you to build, which is about $80 including the pcb so it fits well with your budget theme. I've got the parts for mine cued up in DigiKey and have had the PCB for an embarrassingly long time.
  19. Yoink! Both threads concerning this are now gone.
  20. It strikes me as the worst "charity raffle" in history. If he manages to raise $6000, which I'm not sure has ever been accomplished on Head-Fi, $0 will go to the charity. That's awesomely bad.
  21. Do you have some more recent pricing information? The last I heard it was: My math puts the total at: $899 base +$199 module upgrade +$399 Home DAC +$199 SA + $399 DPS = $2095. It'd be a shame if the base price has already gone up $200 more since I'm assuming they have the module and SA upgrades priced accurately.
  22. You're my boy, Blue, you're my boy!
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