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  1. At least on the surface that would appear to be a pretty amazing price if it does include all the amp and psu parts even without a case which I find hard to believe that it would since 4 beta22 boards aren't fitting in anything in the 1455 Hammond series. And if that includes the trafo as well it's miraculous. Please let me know what the results of your email to jrossel are. P.s. You can't edit your posts after something like 5 minutes. It keeps the riffraff from saying one thing only to go back and edit it later.
  2. Salty, I'm sure we can find a way to let you hear the β22. I've finally got mine behaving well, it had some low level trafo hum with low impedance cans which has now been cured. I'm pretty pleased with how I was able to adapt the interior layout to accept the shielding. As far as how much it would cost to have one built, I'd figure somewhere in the $800 to $1000 range for a 3-channel version, probably $1200 to $1400 for balanced, but that's really a guess as I haven't talked with Marshall about how much he's charging and he's the only one that I know of who's building them.
  3. Perhaps your problem is the 4 pair of AKG headphones you've got right now?
  4. You should drop your friend Todd (skullguise) a PM about the HPDac he just listed. Hard to beat that for the price in the "dac/amp thingy" category.
  5. I actually found that it performed very well with both Senns and Grados alike despite it's Grado friendly Head-Fi rep. As far as Earl's opinion is concerned it's just that, his opinion. My own listening preferences vs. his reviews make me think that Earl and I might prefer a different kind of good sound. I haven't heard any of Mikhail's amps for over a year now and I don't use the RS-1s. My impressions of the Ear were with my HF-1s but I don't see why a good sounding amp wouldn't sound good with other phones that are similar. I don't put a whole lot of stock in tuning an amp for one particular set of headphones. At some point, a capable amplifier should be able to sound good with just about anything. Unless of course there are specific limitations stated by the manufacturer that would tell you right away that (for example) low impedance headphones need not apply. Just my 2? Nate
  6. Haven't heard the Woo (who has?) but I'd have a look at the Mapletree Ear + HD that's for sale at Head-Fi right now. I love that amp.
  7. I believe it would be your ass , I think it was said somewhere that it was more in the neighborhood of $15k. But it is two amps in one, one "fun" and one "audiophile" or some such business. Given that it's 10x out of my price range I stopped paying attention quick.
  8. I dunno, the lack stuff I've seen leaves me kinda "meh".
  9. Here's my 2?, I don't think you should have to apologize for your impressions of gear. They're just that, your impression, hard for me to tell you they're wrong since they're whatever you thought. But some of the other stuff you posted was easily read as inflammatory if not insulting. I can't speak for anyone else but that to me reads like you're a bit upset at the CD player for eating your CD. Turns out that it was your fault (double loaded the player) so if anything you might want to issue a little mea culpa about it. Maybe you already have, I haven't been following the drama all that closely. This is the one that really pissed people off I think. Again, to me it reads like a complaint and more than anything else it is misleading and doesn't tell the whole story. It was $12 for an all you could eat buffet lunch. But the first time I read your comment I really thought that that hotel was charging $12 for a hotdog and thought, "Damn, that's rough!" Whether or not you liked the meet, what it stood for, or whatever the fact is that people poured a lot of time and energy into making it happen. As a result they're emotionally involved and like I said, your comment is pretty easily read as a complaint of how much stuff was costing. So, I stand by my previous observation, some of your posts have a distinct way of reading like you're a smartass. That may not be your intent at all and if it's not then perhaps it is in your best interest to look at the way you state things. FWIW I try not to let online impressions get in the way of actually meeting and talking with someone as my first impression. But a whole bunch of people at Head-Fi didn't think too highly of me at first either, largely due to the actions of one asshole former moderator, it took more than a year for most of them to give me a second chance and some (who clearly aren't worth my time) still haven't.
  10. Probably because a couple of your comments (regardless of their true intent) could be read as if they were being said by a smartass. I'm guessing that when you were actually in the room with people they were better equipped to understand your true intent. Because a lot of the people making damaging comments don't even have first hand experience with the product in question. Recently I posted in a thread were the OP asked the following question: The first response was: Now if you've heard the Micro and don't like it as much as your CD player feel free to post up but that response if friggen worthless and disparages a product that the poster admittedly has zero experience with. When I suggested to the moron who posted that rubbish he actually came back and said he'd think before he posted something like it in the future, I hope I actually go through to him/her. There are probably hundreds of examples like this on Head-Fi and heck, in my early days I was guilty of posting about gear that I had no experience with but I learned quick. So I guess in the end I could care less whether or not some one likes a particular product or brand but I do care whether or not what I'm reading is an informed opinion. Otherwise it's just speculation and bullshit.
  11. I don't know about you but little pointy legs don't scream "stable" to me...
  12. I believe that if you look hard enough you can find the schematic of the Wheatfield HA-2 which uses the 6SN7. With a little modification it would seem possible to drive both low and high impedance phones with it. I'm in the process of modifying/repairing mine right now so if you'd like Pete's list of suggested changes (for high ohm phones) just drop me a PM. I'm 99% sure the amp can be built for under $500 in parts per your criteria.
  13. I think (or at least the way I read it) that Kevin was trying to say that he has more knowledge of the commercialization side of the business than you were previously aware, not that he had superior knowledge in general. But I agree, it's hard to discern from just the words typed on a page. And I've said it elsewhere on this site but it seems more appropriately placed here so I'll say it again. More and more I see manufacturers (HeadRoom and Headamp NOT included) coming out with new products that are only a detriment to their current offerings. In one case the new amps only serve to further fragment an already small market segment (the high end portables) and in the other case the new products only show currently frustrated customers what has been putting off getting their already-paid-for amps. Neither manufacturer described above seems to suffer from lack of demand so one wonders what their motivation is for their actions. In a third case a well established manufacturer has essentially stopped production of his own designs and decided that it is better to farm all of this out to China in the name of bringing products in at a lower price point (or at least that's how I see it). He's now faced with a glaring example of how easily products are copied and how difficult it is to legally defend his designs. My guess is that had the had the copied design not come from the same country it may never have been discovered at all. All of this to me it points to the fact that none of them seem to have a long-term lookout for their business which makes me decidedly less likely to invest in one of their products.
  14. Like I said, I'm not sure exactly what is in each box. I'm sure we'll be finding out relatively soon in the form of a sponsored thread "over there". I think that I saw in someone's pictures that Headroom did have product literature at each display. It's going to be a little while before any details come out. It's #1 on my priority list but I don't have all the necessary parts yet and it's not clear when they'll all be in. As far as rushing new products to market because of National Meet pressure, well I think man'f do this at their own risk. They're all well aware of the dangers of bringing a half-cooked product out and how strongly the Head-Fi reaction can be. It's funny that people bitch and moan about how Headroom does business but in my view they're the only ones with more than a 3 month outlook when it comes to their product line, marketing, etc. Ray creates his own obsolescence by having three portables in the same price category and having virtually no amps in the $500 to $1000 category that aren't way out of date, Mikhail instead of finding ways to keep up with already high demand fractures the product line further and makes things even more confusing. When was the last time he updated his website? I think Headamp also does a pretty good job of product distribution and information but I think he's ultimately limited by being a one man show. I do give him full marks for developing his own modules now and branching out from the Gilmore name (not that there was anything wrong with that). And I think Meier is reaping what he sows right now by having outsourced all of his new production to China, someone is going to have to explain the sense in that to me. Sure it results in lower prices but the end result looks shockingly similar to the stuff that's both designed and produced in China, the fact that Jan designs it and then sends it to someone else to build doesn't hold much appeal for me. [/rant]
  15. I believe that it is the MAX Dac minus the upsampling, but I'm not 100% sure either. And I also think that the new standard Micro DAC has better electronics in it (Home equivalent?).
  16. I'm with you. Until he's got at least a similarly sized power supply to go with it (battery or otherwise) I don't quite understand it's purpose. I'll hold further comment till after the official details are announced but it would seem to me a very hard sell at near $1000.
  17. Pete (Dusty), Did you ever end up opening your amp to have a look inside? I had noticed a bit of low level hum with my Wheatfield and after talking with Mr. Millett we'd narrowed it down to a couple possibilities all of which involved visual inspection. Opening the amp was no problem (8 torx screws) and what I found inside was definitely worth the time. That's the primary power supply filter cap and it's pretty much ready to blow. We think that the amp was probably exposed to some sort of over voltage event during its life. I'm going to replace it along with the other 3 electrolytic caps in the power supply along with a resistor. I'm also going to change out the primary transformer which should help the amp run a little cooler. So if your amp is still chewing through tubes it might be worth having a look under the bonnet. If you do let me know what you find. Nate
  18. My concern with any goods that come from outside the US has always been what do you do if repairs are needed. Whether it's a faulty power switch, crappy tube socket, etc, what exactly is your casual user supposed to do about it. It's one thing for idiots like me who'll take anything apart to go diving inside but I've met more than a few folks at meets who couldn't recognize the business end of a screwdriver. I'm not saying the equipment can't sound good just that you're up a creek if something goes wrong.
  19. Mine's been built for something like 4 months now and I still haven't even fired it up. I've got way to many have finished projects these days!
  20. Not gonna happen, unless I get one for my work rig which is highly unlikely. I should have a new DAC by the next Boston meet assuming it doesn't happen in the next 4 months. All I can say is that it'll be DIY, balanced and, well, evil.
  21. As far as stuffing the pcb is concerned it doesn't get much easier. If you've got the basic tools (DMM, iron, etc) it's only a few hours work. But as with just about anything DIY the devil is usually in the casework.
  22. I've always been put off by the cost of entry with Larry's woody stuff, not that it isn't great looking. But even with the Grados unless you're really after one-off headphones it would seem that you'd be better off just buying a pair of used RS-2s. The Senn Woody's never made a damn bit of sense to me.
  23. It's hard, I've had them in a couple of my amps and definitely like them and certainly found that they sound better than your average alps blue but in the beta22 there was just wasn't enough range. Heck, listening to my HF-1s last night while reading I was at a half-click on my RK40 which is a detented continuous pot. They do tend to look the business though...
  24. Well according to my sources (not Tyll ) the timeline to bring these two products to market is not long. I wish I could share more but I lack the proper clearance and don't want to spoil the fun that will be Saturday's unveiling. And like I said, if you listen closely to the podcast (Tyll's part is early ) you'll get an idea of what's going on.
  25. There might be something in the single-ended realm coming down the pipe worth considering. I figure most people won't get what they're hearing when they listen to the Head-Fi podcast so I'll sneak it in here. Headroom went ahead and made a standalone DAC, actually they made two. This should all be confirmed with the unveiling of the prototypes at the National Meet this weekend.
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