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  1. I had seen Zin's custom cable a few years back and forgot about it, thanks for reminding me. I may give this a shot as I think I have everything I would need already.
  2. How's the isolation? The info on their website is pretty vague, "up to 25db of isolation".
  3. I did consider this and have not ruled it out fully. I would like to hear what others think of this and it would of course be great if someone had actually done it before. My concern is that the driver housing/tube of the Ety is still pretty long even without the wired connection. For example Sensaphonics provides a "sleeve" option but it doesn't look like this would at all adress what I'm trying to do. Westone might be the answer (Headroom metions them in their Ety description) so I'll probably drop them an email to see what services they offer.
  4. I'm finding more and more that the profile of the Etys is interfering with my enjoyment of them. Allow me to explain a bit. I primarily use these headphones for listening while I'm doing yardwork (mowing), riding the motorcycle (at low levels so I can still hear the world) and while reading. The fact that the Etys protrude quite a bit outside my actual ear when properly inserted is causing some discomfort and annoyance. So what I'm wondering is what would be the cheapest route to custom-insert IEMs? The least-expensive commercial product that I've found is the UE-5c's and at $550 they are well beyond what I'm willing to spend. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  5. n_maher


    It'd be nice if they could just work USB out from it at this point. I think a Ipod/Alien DAC/Pint rig might be kinda fun. I mean it's already got the USB interface built it so how hard could it really be? Anyway, my 3G 20gig is getting long in the tooth (thrown 2 HD's already, love that BB warranty) and way short on storage space so I'm not sure how much choice I'll have when it comes to replacing it.
  6. You going to pick up those bargin K340s for sale at *thesitethatshallnotbenamed*?? I mean come on, they've already been knocked down $150.
  7. With an aftermarket cable (I tried the the Cardas, Oehlbach and briefly the Zu cable) I found the HD600s to be a very entertaining listen with all types of music and they don't require a mega-dollar system to sound good. Given your love of tubes I would think that they would be a nice alternative to the Grado sound without going fully into the Senn realm. The 650s are certainly more full bodied and seem to scale more with the equipment that drives them. Personally I never really like the SR225s very much. I had them for 6 months or so and tried them with mostly solid state and some hybrid gear and never found a combo that really did much for me. I'd love to woody a pair now and see if that tames/warms them up a bit but given how happy I am with the HF-1s I can't see a reason to do that at this point.
  8. I'm working on a balanced amp project and it occurred to me that I don't have balanced "test" cans so last night I whipped these up:
  9. I'm probably going to get torched for this but my one great audio buy in the headphone realm would be the HF-1. With a little modding to my ears they scale up near the RS-1 and may in fact be better, depending on your sonic preferences. Even stock I find them better than the 225, 325 and 325i. And that's ignoring what they're worth on the open market now.
  10. Justin, I understand your logic but to me, and granted I've never really been a "customer" of any of the various headphone amp manufacturers, is that this practice screams cheap. When you shell out the kind of money that Ray is charging for his amps I would expect to get something that is complete and working when it arrives. It is the very fact that he wouldn't include a $1.50 part with a $1200 amp that just seems wrong. I could even see offering it as a no-cost option at checkout but at least let people know that it's not coming. I didn't see any "batteries not included" literature on Ray's website (except under the XR10B description).
  11. I'd have a look at the Outlaw 2200 Monoblocks. It matches your 300W into 4ohm requirement exactly.
  12. Shouldn't have to but any mechanic worth his salt will show you the damaged parts that he replaces. It would be rather unfortunate if Ray was reusing parts from the old PS in the "upgrade". I thought a big part of the whole issue was that the power supply runs so hot it could damage the caps? He doesn't include a friggen power chord for $1200?
  13. To me the price doesn't mean much when it's followed up with this: Availability: No dates from the distributor.
  14. And maybe someone can explain to me why the heck you would ever mount resistors like this: I've always been told that doing that is a bad idea. N
  15. In Boston he said he thought it would be approximatley a month before it was brought to market. I think he said that the chassis had been finalized as well so that it was just a matter of bringing it all together.
  16. That blows. What were the symptoms of the problem this time?
  17. I don't know about any of the rest of you but I wouldn't want to be associated with these headphones at all for fear of a cloning lawsuit from Grado. Oh shit, they're my headphones... I'M SCREWED!!?!?!
  18. I hear ya, I work 40+ a week and still feel like there's no $$$ to be had for headphone fun these days. Of course if "acts of god" would stop destroying things that I own (house + car so far this year) I'd be in better financial shape. I don't want to take this thread too far off topic but thanks for the compliment and when you get ready to go shopping for Milletts drop me a PM. Ask Thaddy, I'm a sucker for a sad story.
  19. That would depend on how your Millett is setup. Based on my brief (half hour) listening session last night after repairing the fuse I would say it would easily stand toe to toe with a basic Millett but I don't think it'd stand up to one configured with nicer parts. But that Millett would also cost more so $$ for $$ it is probably the better of the two. Ian should be able to say more since he's got an ok Millett to compare it to . Also, the LB is definitely limited in what it can drive (nothing less than 150ohm and uber high gain) so it's more restricted than the Millett design. Bottom line, at $160 why would you not get one. Reks, you're absolutely right about the attenuators. I'd wager with a CD player for a source most people are going to have problems. I really wish that I still had my K340s to try with this thing.
  20. Ethan, Please forgo the suicide until after this weekend. I'd really like to hear the Sony's and the new HR amp . Nate P.s. Try to get some sleep man.
  21. Ian's linky no worky... Let's try this...
  22. Didn't Grado already use that name?
  23. Ethan, I could see how you would think that but I've spoken with Florian (the founder) at length about various topics over the past couple of months and found him to be quite plesant to deal with. I know he gets frustrated trying to explain himself in English because he does not speak it very well and maybe that's what you were detecting.
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