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  1. Thanks Haj, I hope so too. Mark and I still get a chuckle out of the Sony from time to time so at least we can laugh about it. It's officially in Mark's possesion, I told him if he can fix it he can keep it, I hope that's ok. With any luck I'll be hearing about a new digital source/transport in a few days, then it'll be a matter of deciding whether or not I keep Monica around. Nate
  2. Thanks for all the advice, as for the Scout I'm not saying it won't happen but I'll be shocked if I push it anymore than I already have. My home headphone rig in general needs some serious attention in terms of brining it all together. I'm nearly there on the digital-source side, but the amplification is coming together more slowly than I'd like. So, in the end, I think it'll be a matter of too many projects too little time to do much upgrading in the near future. I have found a DIY record cleaner that I'm looking into... And 909, No worries man, we cool .
  3. Hey, you're the global mod and the only one who can edit my now-more-than-5-minute old post . As an aside I think it'll be a fun test of the Headcase monitoring network to see how quickly they react to the link.
  4. I find it hilarious that while all the chasing down of bunnies and such occurs at Head-Fi that sigs like [link removed to protect the innocent], which clearly direct traffic to another headphone related site go unnoticed, uncared about or just ignored. At least I know where the rickeraptormonsterwhatever hangs out since he was banned. And welcome to the Head-Fi moderation team, this should be a fun little discussion group.
  5. Note: I put the to symbolize that I was completely cool with the hijack so if you're trying to indicate that I care you are mistaken .
  6. Yeah, I'm hold no illusions about going completely vinyl or anything like that. The opportunity was too much to pass up though, plus it gives me an excuse to build a phono stage. Yay, more projects (I need more of those like I need another whole in the head). And this is what my Marantz TT looks like:
  7. Hehehe, if I wanted a boring thread discussing the various plusses and minuses of the TT I'd have started it over there!
  8. The cover is in decent shape, I think with a little polish I can have it looking mint. One of the pivots is broken on the cover (the only permanent blemish) but for the price it was too good to pass up. I also rescued my old Marantz TT while I was home today, might try to fix that one up and then show it to Jahn and torture him with it. It'd fit right in with the Tower of Power .
  9. While helping my older brother move a couple weeks ago he mentioned that he was going to ebay his TT. I had remembered it being a decent player so I offered to keep it in the family. So as of today, I'm the proud owner of a pretty mint Thorens TD 160 MKI. It has the original tonearm and cartridge, the latter of which will be replaced as soon as funds present themselves. Also, tomorrow I'll be ordering up the DIY version of the Hagerman Bugle which I've been told should fit nicely into my mid-fi vinyl plans. Best part is the TT came complete with 30 albums or so including some original Zeppelin and other stuff my brother had picked up along the way. Nate
  10. Clarification, there's only one real instance where I disagreed with the sale of HF-1s for profit, it was that asshole who bought them one day for $400, and immediately cried hard times and listed them for $600. The more time that passses the less I could care, if there's some idiot out there who wants to spend $600 on a pair of headphones that at best is worth half that who am I to stand in their way?
  11. Looks great man, can't wait to see it all mounted up.
  12. Heh, I graduated with a 3.00 as well. Took a lot of work considering one year of school consisited of a 1.75 and 1.67, that was the year I declared "Fall Break" and took a week off during first semester. One piece of advice, if you can have some fun for your last summer DO IT. Life is different once you start working full time, not necessarily in a bad way, just very different. Enjoy the time you have while you have it. Congrats man, Nate
  13. As some of you may know I've got a bit of history with the Millett Hybrid Amplifier. It all started about a year ago when I set out to build a headphone amp for each of the members of my wedding party (all music lovers who use headphones in some manner). Two of these came together rather quickly as they were pretty much bone stock Hybrids. The third of the bunch which was to be built for en480c4 got a bit more complicated. First was the addition of a STEPS power supply for his birthday, next up was a set of diamond buffers for no reason and finally it was finished off with a custom Walnut enclosure because I wanted it to be in a case that no one else had. This weekend with all the rain we've been having in the NE I set out to get the amp working in its final enclosure. It's 98% done know, just a few final tweaks left and it's currently with its owner for testing. Here's a pic: It sounds pretty darn good to my ears and I must admit that I'm pretty proud of the way it looks too . Nate
  14. You're officially required to attend the next Boston meet Salty! Congrats, this is the "current-end-of-the-line" setup right ?
  15. I wonder if Ethan dropped the hammer and commissioned Blackie to build an amp for him ?
  16. In the past this used to be the case, but at least at my local BB they are now almost exclusively sending things out for repair, especially big ticket items like ipods and such. For something <$100 I'd bet they still replace at will be my camera has been sent out 3 times now for minor issues and the last time my Ipod chucked a HD they sent it to apple for repair. Nate
  17. True enough it is my friend. Total utter crap, shit and awful luck with DVD and CD players alike. What is only remotely hilarious is that the first real CD player that I ever bought (I was an early adopter) ran for the better part of 10 yrs and was treated with a total lack of respect. Ever since then I've tried to be a bit more gentle with my gear and what has that gear done, kicked me square in the nuts every chance it gets . With any luck after I clear a few projects out of the way I'll finally be able to get back to dealing with the source issue properly. The Ipod is all I've got right now so I guess "no" is the answer . Nate
  18. I too am currently sourceless, or at least down a source. My primary DVD player in the living room has given up the ghost after moving and will not read anything but a virgin DVD and refuses audio discs altogether. So my trusty Toshiba that has already blown a power supply has been moved to the living room leaving the headphone rig sorely lacking for a transport for my Monica DAC. I think Haj will agree, I've got crap luck when it comes to DVD players! And Ethan, that sucks man. I can only imagine the anguish that goes along with losing a source that you actually like.
  19. Fow what it's worth I spent about an hour listening to the EC-01 at the national meet on the second day. It did get rather hot but drove my Senn 600s well and I was really impresed by the sound the little box made. My only gripe is the stupid locking headphone jack, man I hate those things. And given a choice I'd opt for a less square enclosure, it looks rather "alarm clockish" to me. Minor quibbles and the amp is probably a pretty good bargin at $350.
  20. Meat popsicle, love that movie (The Fifth Element for the uneducated).
  21. I have a record? I thought what was said here stays here . P.s. Best custom title ever.
  22. Can I bitch and whine about all the bitchers and whiners? Or will there be another thread for that?
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