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  1. x2 on the pacific. just finished watching the sharks...
  2. Man was it close... I haven't seen that many Sharks games but they seemed much more antsy this game vs. what I've seen in the regular season. Either nervous or sense of urgency. Whatever the case I'm glad they got it done instead of going down 0-2.
  3. Oh man. Just finished watching the Sharks game. Was a great one!
  4. Google yielded this website: Wi-FiHotSpotList.com, Search Results
  5. Cablevision, Time Warner, Comcast announce agreement for free Wi-Fi roaming Cool stuff for the New Yorkers?
  6. Not a huge hockey fan, but do support the local team. Go Sharks! I'm surprised some of you guys picked them to win a series this year. Last night's loss was tough, though I read that they got outplayed most of the game.
  7. LOL I helped out on subbing that episode of Hellsing OVA... AnimeOne?
  8. Squeezebox Touch ships at long last -- Engadget Looks like it's finally shipping.
  9. Coach K would have never lived that decision down to have Zoubek miss the FT if it went down. The screen set by Howard on Singler was epic to spring Hayward. Great game to watch.
  10. penger

    slow forum

    Found this website that's got a lot of music related posters. Some of them are pretty cool. GigPosters.com - gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world!
  11. Most definitely on the scotch tape. Now I need some longer cables to play with placement.
  12. Just plugged in a pair of Quad 12L Actives I bought from Lane Mart... Damn those blue LEDs are piercing. They do sound great though. Minimal buzz/hum that I can only hear when I put my ear next to the speakers which are set at 12 o'clock.
  13. I think they use a different image processor. And the 7 shoots 60fps vs 30fps movies.
  14. Nice. Been wanting one of those myself.
  15. One possibility could be because my library is on my drobo?
  16. Didn't have to re-import, but I just got that bar the says "updating itunes library" or what not for a good 30mins or so. Afterward, nothing changed. Was just a little annoying because I couldn't use it.
  17. Ah, I see. For me, it installed the OS update and I had to make itunes check for update to get 9.1. And then it had to re-update my library for ages. I don't recall it doing that for previous updates.
  18. I thought the 10.6.3 was around 400mb and the itunes 9.1 update to be around 90mb. How did you get a 500mb itunes update?
  19. But then you would have to buy a new pair, no? Or hope when you send them in, they'll give you the new ones instead.
  20. I did but they haven't come yet. I remember seeing VPI post that he received a pair in rosewood. Maybe he'll chime in.
  21. If all you want to put in the bag would be the camera + lenses, I think you could get a 5MDH and it would all fit pretty nicely. 6MDH would give you more space though.
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