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  1. I've test driven the newer G37 and somewhat agree what deepak has to say about the space in the back. For smaller build people, it's not that bad, but I can see it being cramped for more "normal" sized folks. I also found that the road noise is pretty bad for a luxury car, but you may be okay with it if you're used to a WRX. While driving on the highway sitting in the back it's hard to hear what people are saying in the front and vice versa.
  2. penger

    Top Gear

    Top Gear picks the new Stig, looks like old Stig — Autoblog
  3. Watched the Giants get a W on the road against the Phillies!
  4. Happy belated to you as well Thanks everyone else!
  5. Been considering getting a 24-105 as well... in theory I think it would be a great outdoor walk-around with the coverage it can provide.
  6. I wish I had your 7D. haha Then shooting at ISO 1600 wouldn't have been as bad. Loving your urban shots by the way.
  7. Got a couple okay shots outside of work today... annoyed to find out I shot some of them in the wrong ISO though
  8. I dunno about that DAC... but that Kenwood looks wicked.
  9. Nice pic Iron_Dreamer =O What kind of settings do you use to get a shot like that?
  10. No doubt they are a pain. I had to call 3 times to get my shipping address changed. And they shipped 2 orders to the wrong address... never actually apologized for the inconvenience now that I think about it. Luckily, I'm still on good terms with my old coworkers who generously sent me my orders.
  11. I do it for the free shipping haha. But here are the 4 I got: Count Basie And The Kansas City Roy Haynes Quartet Out of the Afternoon Duke Eillington Meets Coleman Hawkins Oliver Nelson The Blues and the Abstract Truth
  12. Apparently 4 Impulse! SACDs. Guess these are still coming out.
  13. I recall a friend telling me that the apple stores will not begin to carry cases until after the free case program comes to an end.
  14. Not in the mix but... Houshmandzadeh going to the Ravens might be worth a look.
  15. penger

    slow forum

    The end of the gif was some kid slamming into that divider at like 100mph, and he walked away from the crash virtually unhurt.
  16. penger


    Just got an email from drobo about some back to school pricing. Here's the link: Drobo Back-to-School Special
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