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    I remember these from gfx artist. Here's the link to the artist (i think): BlacKeri - My artworks - GFXartist.com - Served over 20,000,000 artworks
  2. No internal noises? If the power button doesn't "click" anymore maybe the switch is broken... But honestly, the DIYers should chime in.
  3. Entourage. Not liking this season. Just seems kinda bleh.
  4. penger

    slow forum

    girl quits job on dry erase board exposes farmville boss called her hopa theCHIVE
  5. VPI, the photo with the pink flowers is fricken sick.
  6. Yeah you don't. You just collect them.
  7. Hope you have a great one man!
  8. Can I just point out that you might want to better define "breaking the bank" because the WES is $5k while the eXStatA is supposed to be considerably less?
  9. penger


    I just got an email from Music Direct saying the Perfect Wave DAC B-stock is $1999. Does that qualify as a good deal?
  10. Your defeat at the hands of koreans is inevitable. Being addicted on the other hand...
  11. You still use MDs?!?? I have a bunch of those laying around somewhere.
  12. Last weekend I missed taking pictures of a hummingbird just chilling 10 feet in front of me... I was too busy staring at it to remember I had a camera until it was too late. =( On a different note, Final roll of Kodachrome processed in Kansas; angel sheds a rainbow-colored tear -- Engadget
  13. I got the switcheasy one and deathgrip doesn't do anything to the bars.
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