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  1. I'll agree with you on that one. The pads that are on my 'phones are actually kinda shoddy construction-wise. For one, the right one is more padded than the left and I'm scared to even try and take them off... Do you just twist?
  2. I think the basic specs for HTML5 have been finalized? And as of now, only Chrome and Safari can utilize it, with FF 4 coming on board whenever it releases sometime this year I think. Same goes for IE 9 whenever that comes out. But to answer your perhaps rhetorical question, I hope the future is soon (maybe 1-2 years?) but it would probably depend heavily on the big players pushing for development in this arena.
  3. Adobe Responds to the iPad's Lack of Flash - apple ipad - Gizmodo Adobe has apparently released something in response to the lack of flash on the iPad. While HTML5 is promising, the short article is right. HTML5 isn't there yet... near future yes, but for Apple to address the "now" would be nice, no?
  4. I dunno about/agree with the too expensive part... doesn't it (the $499 version) slot between an iTouch and no contract iPhone 3GS?
  5. If the folks talking about flash support are mainly referring to youtube, youtube has a html5 beta (i think it uses canvas) which should allow you to still watch videos using safari.
  6. Ah yes, I do see why Apple would sell the keyboard dock, but... According to the pictures/slides I saw on engadget, there's a stand, stand+keyboard that looks attached, stand that's landscape. Why not just get one of the stands that doesn't have an attached keyboard to go with a bluetooth keyboard that isn't attached which would give more flexibility in terms of usage? Then again, I could be wrong and the stand+keyboard could just be some sort of bundle.
  7. Aside from the stand, why not just use Apple's current bluetooth keyboard?
  8. Market as a whole is negative too. That can't be helping.
  9. Couple questions. Is there a way to collapse the "What's going on" section like the "Forum stats" block? I think we used to be able to do this on the old version. And is there a way to only reload the "Forum stats" block like the old version? Thanks for all the hard work by the way.
  10. I think they mentioned on Sportscenter that his "other last pass" for GB was also an INT.
  11. penger

    slow forum

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  12. Ah, that's what I was going to bring up next. Shooting RAW + JPEG would allow one to do some PP if the JPEG didn't turn out so great.
  13. amb's website has a bunch of links as well. AMB Laboratories DIY Audio Site
  14. ^^^ What he said. I have also contributed to your fundraiser.
  15. Sorry about piggybacking on here, but what's better? Using your camera's WB or software on a computer?
  16. By custom WB, would you mean the one that's built into a camera? ie take a shot of something that should be white for your camera to use as a reference?
  17. The Conan from last night with the producer of The Office was funny, I thought. He seems much looser now that he did when I caught part of his show a few weeks back perhaps because he has nothing to lose. Reminds me more of when I watched him on Comedy Central.
  18. penger


    Not sure if this applies to the DX as well, but for the reg. sized Kindle the extended warranty only covers one replacement. Kind of a bummer if you ask me.
  19. Is that Wadia the one that RSA had a hand in? Or is that a different product?
  20. Dunno if this is true for anybody else, but Lou Holtz just bugs me with his commentary.
  21. What made you go with the old one over the newer version?
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