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  1. For you guys who got the 3G iPad, did it come with a micro-SIM? Since the new iPhone will use one, I was wondering how that would work.
  2. penger

    Audeze LCD-2

    Would have been interesting to see the variance among multiple pairs of HE-5's.
  3. It might take a little getting used to though.
  4. penger

    Canjam 2010.

    A little late, but great pics guys. What lens did you use to shoot the raffle series?
  5. penger


    Let's just say she plays a very different character. Which could be a good thing depending on expectations.
  6. penger


    She's also in Dirty Sexy Money but that's probably not this crowd's cup of tea.
  7. penger

    slow forum

    The jazz one is pretty damn cool too. Nice!
  8. Good thing they aren't raw denim that you should only wash a few times a year. I've seen a few Alpinas in norcal... I like the subtle upholstery accents they do to stand out in the herd. That one in particular looks like a beast.
  9. So other than craftsmanship how are they better than say... Evisu, 3sixteen, APC, etc.? More comfortable/durable?
  10. Shot this today with a circular polarizer on my lens... the sky looks kinda cool but I'm not really sure how to or even if to post process it. Also pissed I missed a fucking eagle/hawk that flew by not 30ft above me... didn't get it because I wasn't ready.
  11. How I Met Your Mother followed by Big Bang Theory.
  12. Web pages started appearing like this on my mac and was wondering if anyone else has been getting anything similar. It's not all sites and doesn't always manifest. Happens on both Firefox and Safari for me. Not much help, I know. =/ Any ideas?
  13. I remember talking to Nate about hiss. I have some low level hiss in my pair as well. He suggested something like this: Perma Power AVR-1200 Voltage Regulator Surge Suppressor - eBay (item 290409049224 end time May-12-10 06:59:43 PDT) or a Powervar Isolated Power Supply. I haven't had a chance to give either a try yet, so maybe Nate can chime in here.
  14. I thought my 12L's were pretty large too, but after setting them on my headroom desktop stands, it doesn't really matter. So maybe you just need the right stands?
  15. Pens not looking good atm.
  16. Showoffs. Wouldn't some sort of macro lens be even better? Sorry, not very familiar with the Nikon lens range... I know Canon doesn't have a 50mm macro lens, but they do have a 100mm one.
  17. And then there are the Leicas that are really rebranded Panasonics with slightly different feature sets. Leica unveils V-Lux 20 digital compact with built-in GPS: Digital Photography Review
  18. No processing, but shot on the wrong WB... hopefully turned out okay.
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