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  1. I thought I saw in the gamma2 thread some mention of using the sigma25. And I think that MisterX also builds these? Correct me if this is something that doesn't work.
  2. Well they found the guy who did it... Man who found — and sold — the missing iPhone unmasked - Yahoo! News Maybe more light will be shed on the situation.
  3. Sharks don't have a good record against Detroit this year... As a Norcal'er, here's hoping things are different this time around.
  4. At least it's not as expensive as the Piccolino stuff people were using on Livewires... That stuff was like $600 or something, wasn't it?
  5. Haven't gotten mine yet, but do see that I've been charged for them. Just curious, are they pressed in Austria like the Blue Notes are? Oh and how do they sound! Hopefully they'll get the shipping right this time around... Last time they shipped it to the wrong address and I had to have it shipped from there to me. =/
  6. So... I'm looking into getting a Circular Polarizer and my google searches seem to indicate that a Marumi filter tests well and is good for the price/performance. Specifically I'm looking at the Marumi DHG Super Circular PL.D. Any else I should consider in its price range? On ebay storefronts they seem to be going for about $50-$60ish.
  7. DIY? Student's Windows-based media center brings our own slacker childhoods into perspective -- Engadget
  8. Do any of the lawyer-types have any comment to the claim that the search warrant is invalid?
  9. So would running something like Boxee in terms of software fit the bill?
  10. HP 6370t with bing cashback should get you around $500. Only thing is that you'll have to spec a gfx card or purchase one, which means you should be able to spec a fanless + hdmi card. I'm pretty sure it'll be able to do all that you want. I have one that's similar and it's pretty darn quiet... sometimes I forget to turn it off. Edit: This is assuming that the size isn't an issue.
  11. I remember Monkey was asking about 9L actives and just saw this posted: Quad 9L Active Desktop Loudspeaker (Playback 30) | AVguide
  12. Maybe not. Next-gen iPhone splayed, battery probably not meant to be replaced by the unwashed masses -- Engadget And saw this on Daring Fireball.
  13. Cavs fans probably hate it when people say this but... I'm just curious what he'll do if he doesn't win one. Yes, there's a good chance he'll stay but free agency will just be all the more interesting. And last night, Thunder were so close to stealing one late...
  14. ^^^ They still blew out Miami. I like the Thunder but am sad that they don't have all the pieces yet. Just not enough size or offense down low to match up. Jazz/Nuggets series has been a good back and forth.
  15. Just posted. Apple Didn't Leak the iPhone—and Why That Matters - lost iPhone - Gizmodo
  16. Their website has a list of international dealers. Do you happened to not live in one of those countries? Maybe contacting Ayre will help.
  17. Yeah. I agree with Nate here. Also the last part of this statement seems kinda off to me as well. And why is gizmodo all over TV?!?
  18. Can you still find pads, spare parts for that headphone?
  19. Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA) - The blog of Andy Ihnatko, internationally-beloved technology pundit. This guy's post was interesting to read as well.
  20. Henge Docks Looks pretty cool for people who have been wanting a way to dock their MB Pros. A little on the expensive side though?
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