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    Now my question is why is the picture of them in a jar?? And being asian... Where is the ox tail?
  2. Just got my Switcheasy case... can't believe it took a week to get from Tracy to Redwood City. USPS fail? The case itself fits pretty snug, though I feel that the edges are a little rough and the back had some hairline scratches when I got it. Not super impressed, but it works.
  3. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind OST
  4. Mmm what about that Samsung 4" captivate coming July 18 (i think).
  5. Comcast in Norcal. I feel like they were slow to the party, but way better than AT&T DSL which maxes at 150kbps download where I live. Oh yeah. And regarding Japan, wasn't it just really fast in the country but the routing out was not so great?
  6. I think it came out today or possibly yesterday. There will probably be more out soon, but I just wanted something for now... to make me less paranoid about anything happening to my phone.
  7. Nice! What kind of settings do you guys use when shooting stuff at night?
  8. Cat I saw just chilling at Orchard Supply Hardware. Taken with my iphone4. Random pictures of spiders + insect in the yard taken with my canon.
  9. Sweet pics there, Salt Peanuts. The colors on the flowers really pop.
  10. Does the Zagg invisible shield still have the kinda sticky feel to it?
  11. But since he fears flying, will never make it to South Africa to provide commentary.
  12. I have tried as well. I even tried using a key like some of the posts have suggested. No dice. Still shows full bars for me.[url=http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/06/24/that-ios-4-reception-issue-is-looking-more-and-more-like-a-software-bug/]
  13. I read that switcheasy is supposed to have products for the iphone4 around mid July. Hopefully my phone will last that long without scratching.
  14. I think this has to do with using the least congested freq even if it is not the strongest.
  15. Got my iphone4 in the mail today. Waiting on activation, but the screen is really pretty.
  16. I've actually been thinking about getting one of the manfrotto 190 carbon fiber tripods... not a good idea?
  17. Damn those look nice! Makes me want a pair just because they're so pretty.
  18. The Emotiva sale going on right now might make investigating their products a little easier?
  19. Happy birthday man! Moar japanese jeans!
  20. Ah I was just about to mention that... so the HE-6's cups are leather wrapped and the HE-5LE's are plastic, right?
  21. I decided not to go through apple because there's no option that lets me keep my current texting plan. On the other hand, AT&T's website isn't letting me preorder at the moment. bummer
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