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RIP Davy Jones


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She tied her brother down with stones

rickety tickety tin

She tied her brother down with stones and sent him off to Davy Jones

All they ever found were the bones -

And occasional pieces of skin, of skin.

Occasional pieces of skin.

When I was younger, I thought that line had something to do with The Monkees. Oh well.

Info from wikipedia:

Englishman Davy Jones was a former jockey who had achieved some initial success on the musical stage (appearing with the cast of Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show the night of the Beatles' live American debut). Already appearing in Columbia Pictures productions and recording for the Colpix record label, he had been identified in advance as a potential star for the series.

RIP, Mr. Jones.

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Sad news today... http://todayentertainment.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/29/10540912-monkees-star-davy-jones-dies-at-66

Thanks for the memories, Davy! I absolutely loved the Monkees TV show. It was part of what made the late 60s such a special time for little kids.

I loved the Monkees show too! My crass but very funny friend said that Davey Jones' passing was a good warmup to Paul McCartney's death.

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