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That's some cool news about Alonzo.

I'd love to see him in Le Mans too!

I wish I hadn't been so wrong about Honda's F1 engine development but I can't believe that McLaren will suffer through another full season with them.

Even though I love the new car width, it's going to make Monaco even harder to overtake. 

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I spend way too much time on r/formuladank

Attention all alonzo fans,.. Velocity channel is broadcasting the entire 24 hours of Le Mans. I guess Velocity is part of the Discovery family so most cable packages will have it. If no

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Bahrain was another great race. 

Lots of action in all sections of the pack.

I was glad to see Renault getting it together after so many seasons of funding woes. 

And it should be interesting to see the improvements to Red Bull in Espana. At least they seem to have high hopes for the package they say they'll have waiting for them there.

Now, if Sauber could get a big sponsor most of the issues brought on by the Great Recession will be behind them (except for Manor of course).

I was delighted to see everyone so supportive of Alonzo's decision to race in Indy. In the year that saw the death of John Surtees I think that the opening of driver opportunities like this is appropriate.


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Yes, I had a lot of fun on this race too. Alonso seemed to have a great time battling for the points, until his car gave up... once more :palm:  Lewis did a great job, I still don't get why Mercedes didn't put the ultrasoft tires on his car, maybe they were afraid he'd burn them out a couple of turns before the end of the race. Still worth trying, it would have been a miracle that he had managed to overtake Vettel using the same tires.

The question now is will McLaren keep using Honda engines all this season? I read on some newspaper rumours about that, commenting that it wouldn't be the first time a team changed the engines provider at midseason.

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I got on google after seeing an Alonso at Indy update video to see who the fuck Kimoa were...I couldn't tell if they were a sponsor &/or made sunglasses...

Come to find out, Kimoa is Alonso's new fashion brand...Fun to see him try to peddle his wares around town...I think can do w/o a fashionable skateboard for now, though...

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What a race! Not sure if this has been the craziest one this season, but it definitely qualifies for the title. Vettel is a damn whiny kid :palm: He deserved a black flag for his hitting Hamilton. In football (soccer) that action had warranted a red card, no doubt.

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Yeah Baku!

A scary devil of a course and I'm so glad that it wasn't one of those one time venues.

That was not lacking in drama!

And I agree, Vettel has reverted to his early immature ways. I'd hoped that it was behind him but obviously not. 

Of course, I aways thought that Schumacher and Senna were assholes too. 

Congrats to Stroll and Daniel!

Awesome stuff!

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Nice to see that ESPN3 will be including all the practices online.

Rolex Australian Grand Prix 
Practice 1 - Thursday, March 22, 9:00 PM - ESPN3
Practice 2 - Friday, March 23, 1:00 AM - ESPN3
Practice 3 - Friday, March 23, 10:00 PM - ESPNEWS
Qualifying - Saturday, March 24, 2:00 AM - ESPN2
Race - Sunday, March 25, 1:00 AM - ESPN2

On the US side of the pond.

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Excellent first race!

And I love the Sky online videos on ESPN3 of all the practice sessions. The online picture fidelity is awesome!

Now for the bad news.

I'm not sure if it's a local problem (Eugene Oregon on Comcast) but man, talk about amateur hour! 

When I tuned into the pre-race (On the Grid), the scene shown was a live feed of a section of track.

That's it! 

The only audio was a distant sound. They showed that for a minute or so, the cut to commercial.

That happened a couple of times then a taped show of The 30 Best or something like that started and ran for about 10 minutes.

Finally, it cut to the pre-race but without audio. Once the audio started, things were okay until the race actually started.

Once the race was underway and it was time for a commercial, they same split screen that NBCSC had which is cool.

What that masked was that the timing of the commercials. 

When they stopped doing the split screen the breaks came at random moments mid sentence most of the time.

Then when the show ended, it just cut to a different program.

No "Goodbye and see you at the next race" not "run credits" just bam. Next show.

Well, hopefully they sort that out but I would have thought that gaining a prestige program like F1 would have brought out the big guns but I guess I was wrong. 

It looked like intern city!

Oh well, I do love what Sky is doing so I hope it doesn't take too long for ESPN to get on the same page.

End of rant!

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ESPN actually issued an apology for the weekend coverage. We'll see if they improve next round. Meantime, I wait for the new F1 TV streaming app for Apple TV. I'll pay for my love of F1, and get Sky coverage in 4K with no commercials.

And can I just say.... Fuck Yeah Seb!!!

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Saw all the other complaints and ESPN's apology.

I'm with you Mike. We'll see how they do but after watching the online picture quality,..


Did my heart good to see McLaren make a good showing (and just having both cars finish!).

Bummer about Haas though.

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Fantastic race!

And my compliments to ESPN for just letting the Sky programming do it's thing for the most part. I'm still loving the excellent internet video of the practices. Beautiful!

No spoilers yet but there is plenty to say about what went on here!

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So, wtf Red Bull? Will any action be taken by the team? Nice time to ask who´s Ricciardo or Verstappen fan.

Since I think Verstappen is highly over rated and a childish/spoiled driver, I guess the blame´s on him, cause he diverted to the right and then to the right, even if so smoothly. 

Bottas and Vettel the biggest loosers, I guess. Brazilian TV did not comented on what happened to Gasly. He was 7th and all the sudden he went to last place.  Nice to see Leclerc reaching the points.

All in all, the second F2 race was funnier to watch than F1.

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I totally enjoyed the race!

It was great to see the folks at Force India and Perez grinning!

On Sky, Paul di Resta did a great job of explaining how the RB accident happened. If it shows up on Youtube it is worth watching (shows the point of no return).

Before I watch it I was dumbfounded how such gifted drivers could do something so stupid. Now I totally understand how it could happen (still taking things too close to the edge though).

BTW, it's nice to wait a day before posting spoilers.


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I'll have to look at the Youtube video. As I saw it and the guys broadcasting the race (Pedro de la Rosa among them) explained, Verstappen moved while braking and did that after a first blocking intent towards the opposite side. IMHO it's more Verstappen's fault than Ricciardo's.

The race was very fun to watch despite the safety cars, and it was also great having a tighter season results for the championship.

I'm wondering what will come, if anything, after the engineer changes in McLaren. I'm afraid not in this season :(

Edited by Torpedo
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It was a racing incident imho (just like that Webber-Vettel a few years earlier). I agree with him

If we look back at the glory days, the great champions would have defended similarly vigorously (if not even more). But with the massive technical changes, the speed differences are magnified.

A very entertaining race, but without all of these incidents, it would be pretty boring to be honest (and it could be on other circuits). The tyre regulations, DRS, halo graphics, etc. are all there to mask a bigger problem.

The most surprising thing for me was Raikonnen crossing the line ahead of his teammate.

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