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Formula 1 Thread

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I read this on planetf1.com

It just so spot on, I couldn't stop laughing. 

"If there is one positive for the Scuderia heading into the Italian Grand Prix next week, it’s that there will be no tifosi in the stands to witness what looks like being another humiliation." 

I really do feel bad for the drivers, sucks when the engine is ripped from under you by regulations and the development of the chassis went in the wrong direction. 

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I spend way too much time on r/formuladank

I totally enjoyed the race! It was great to see the folks at Force India and Perez grinning! On Sky, Paul di Resta did a great job of explaining how the RB accident happened. If it shows up

Posted Images

What a sad state the red cars are in!

It happens to the best of them though (Williams).

I can't help wondering if the local police will be able (or try) to keep the tifosi from lining the fences and filling the trees like they usually do?

Just have to wait and see?

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Yea unfortunately for them Enzos reach does not extend beyond the grave. The old man would never have allowed the regulations that nurfed their engine. I was really impressed by Sainz and mclaren.

Thank god they banned engine modes btw clearly that closed the gap..

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That was too much fun!

Congrats to all the winners (that includes McLaren and F1 in general).

That race highlighted a lot of the things I love about F1.

Sad to see Claire and Frank leaving the helm of Williams.

The end of owner run teams for now at least.

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They should be going hydrogen instead of electric on batteries. At least they are coherent with the carbon neutrality goal. I'm not sorry for Red Bull, though. I'never liked nor trusted them, all those Vettel championships still smell fishy.

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Yes, congrats to Hamilton. I'm a fan because he's such a good driver. Obviously, having the best car also makes for uneventful races, so I usually root against him. I've been disappointed that Bottas hasn't given him more of a challenge also. 


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