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I thought the race sucked. Last week Hamilton took out Verstapen, and got a nothing penalty. This week Bottas took out both Red Bulls which will also be penalized in the next race. 

Super sloppy and random. Some brilliant defensive driving though. 

Glad to see Better take second place, then they disqualify him. F1 starting to lose credibility IMO. 



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Cheers Kimi. He has always been a driver I liked (followed him in WRC as well). And the interviews, ah the interviews. I would laugh out loud at the super monotone, no pause for sentence structure, zero emotion responses. I am happy that he was a world champion at least once (should have been more). 


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Should've been more, but even with only a single championship he can still happily lay claim to being one of the cleanest drivers on the grid. I'll always prefer that over someone who races dirty to get more wins.

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