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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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This seems to be my day for anecdotes. About a year ago we went to see a play in Chichester with Richard Wilson in it. Now Wilson was recovering from the effects of a heart attack, that came on so quickly some months earlier that he keeled over in the street and struck his head. He recovered from the heart attack, but was left with some mild brain damage which rendered him incapable of memorizing lines. A dreadful affliction for an actor. So since the part was a headmaster, he used various tricks to have his lines written down so he could read them. Even so, at one stage he had to remember a few lines and temporarily dried until he hauled the lines out of his fritzed brain.

He is so professional that even though he was still in recovery he insisted on honoring his commitment to play the part. 

Anyway a good friend of Wilson is Matt Lucas, something we found out because Lucas and his partner/husband were sitting directly behind us in the theatre, so we overheard their conversation, and the background to Wilson's difficulty.

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On 1/20/2020 at 10:37 AM, ironbut said:

The way Sylvia Massy has flooded the interweb kinda drives me crazy (in a bad way).

This ones for you-        ?

Image result for sylvia massy


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Last night I figured something out.  Kyuss, the metal band credited with spawning the poorly named genre "stoner rock" released their last album in 1995 "...And The Circus Leaves Town."  The album cover art is a bit hard to make out.  It's a fisheye shot of a flooded area, that is upside down and mirrored.


I thought it was a weird winter scene for years, which is odd for a band from the southwest.  

Here it is with the proper orientation:


Last night I discovered that the photo was shot in Bombay Beach, which on the Salton Sea and, to but it delicately, a complete shithole.



The same spot, 5 years later.







The area is the inspiration for a similarly decaying area in Grand Theft Auto V called Sandy Shores:



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