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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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Re the John Oliver video.   It's either laugh or cry about the contents.  I chose laugh.

I sure hope that there is intelligent life somewhere in the galaxy.  It sure isn't here.

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The main feature the foreground galaxy cluster, so massive (with visible and dark matter) that the light from more distant galaxies are gravitationally lensed into curved arcs. If you look deeply into the image you can find faint red dots - primordial galaxies that formed 600 million years after then big bang (so ~13.5 billion years ago)

But you are looking at them as the were, 13 billion years ago But of course since then, they have receded further due to expansion of space. Somewhat paradoxically those far distant galaxies are now 32 billion light years distant, as a result of physics I used to remotely understand, but now rely on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expansion_of_the_universe#Measuring_distances_in_expanding_space

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One of the lesser known routines by the late, great Bill Hicks is his homage to Charlie Hodge.  The Hodge routine appears on at least one Hicks CD, and in numerous live recordings shared via mp3 on the internets in the last ~25 years.  Bill Hicks has always been a cult figure, and his fans were early to adopt to the ways of p2p to share his material.  In the early days of YouTube a bunch of his stuff got uploaded there fairly quickly.  As YT works, a lot of that stuff is now gone because of copyright claims by parties that have no right to Bill's work.  Over 11 years ago I wrote a couple comments on a video of Bill doing an extended, unhinged, absolutely brilliant version of the Charlie Hodge bit.  Then years after I returned to the video and commented on it again.  I know all this because the uploader just "hearted" my comments and I got email notifications for each one.  I rewatched it tonight.

This performance is legendary.  NSWF obviously, as it contains Bill Hicks.  The complete realm of sanity and reason, indeed.


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20 years today since Funki Porcini released 'Fast Asleep' on Ninja Tune.

"James aka Funki Porcini wanted a girl asleep in a room of analogue kit as the cover for the Fast Asleep album, that simple.
I knew that to do that idea physically would be incredibly expensive and probably impossible to shoot well. So I made a room in Photoshop out of whatever I could find and while I was fitting everything together, adding shading and false perspective, I digitally carved each piece of kit into a letter, spelling out the name of the artist and title.
120+ layers in Photoshop later…

I gave a print out of ‘the room’ to my good friend and photographer Martin LeSanto-Smith who then took a stepladder to his studio and photographed friend and flatmate, Christina, at the right angle to be dropped into the picture.
There are details on the newspaper that James also wanted on the cover including an early idea for the cover and a headline in Italian. He’d also given me an illustration of a cat curled up for one of the labels inside so I added a cat in to make a connection. The other images for the labels were also supplied by James and linked to films he’d made for the record." – Openmind Design

Fast Asleep LP cover, 2002
Model: Christina
Photography by Martin LeSanto-Smith
Design by Openmind and Funki Porcini


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Who on HC isn't old enough to remember the madness of 1996?  I went to college with a Spanish guy whose room shared a wall with mine.  He was playing (one of the early remixes of) the Macarena in the fall of 95.  I remember simultaneously hating it and getting the stupid chorus stuck in my head.

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