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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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On 10/5/2022 at 5:51 PM, Voltron said:

Cher and the not quite right Donny Osmond clones is exceptionally creepy. :huh:

LOL, we used to watch that all the time as a family -- those are his brothers -- the Jimmy Carter looking one was named...uh...Jimmy?

Thank you for putting that image in my head, I'mma gonna have to share that one with my sisters.


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Over the last 15-20 years a series of photos of a Harley Davidson sidecar turned into a (street legal!) go kart have appeared online.  The specifics behind them have never been fully explained, but there's a fair amount that's self evident.  The photos are from Florida, in 1984.  The rider (and presumably creator) of the vehicle is a young fella with an impressive beard.  Almost assuredly a boomer.  Florida Boomer (as I will now refer to him exclusively) took a vintage even in 1984 HD sidecar and stuck a similarly classic Harley motor on the side of it.  How he managed to make a street legal vehicle is beyond me.  These are about the best iterations of the photos available online.  They have been posted on twitter, reddit and (ugh) pintrest many times.  All with requests for more info, but no one has it.


I upscaled this shot using Topaz Gigapixel AI and then cleaned it up on Photoshop.  I love those 80s rims.  Florida Boomer presumably did all of this on an 80s mechanic's salary.




Florida Boomer didn't know how good he had it.

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Yesterday was the birthday of a women named Kati that I knew well 15 or so years ago.  She was a waitress at a diner I frequented heavily in the 00s.  She's now in her mid 30s and married to a musician from Brooklyn.  I hadn't caught up with Kati in many years, so out of curiosity I ended up down a music rabbit hole.  

Bo Burnham is an, uh, internet celebrity who combines music and humor.  He's decent at both.  He had a NetFlix special last year during phase *mumble* of the global pandemic.  One of the better known songs off it was "Funny Feeling":


Kati's husband did a pretty decent cover of it:

I actually like his singing voice better than Bo's,  I ...am too old and cranky to get his Brooklyn hipster aesthetic, however.  Also the autoexposure on his webcam drives me nuts.

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I watched RedLetterMedia's Half in the Bag episode on the new Halloween movie.  I love RLM as "background, folding laundry" content.  At one point they were talking about the significance of the radio tower in the film.  I looked up and saw this clip of the radio DJ:


*sputter*  That's an RE-20.  You know, the mic I've used for (nearly) 25 years at this point.  They have it pointing at the floor.  I am irrationally enraged by this oversight.

For some comparison, here's Paul and Stevie showing correct RE-20 use:


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