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Stanley Cup Playoffs - 2014


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Glad as hell to see oates go, hoping they bring in a veteran nhl coach and GM.  Oates was too hung up on his "left shot left side, right shot right side" garbage to actually coach the team that he had.  Hopefully Dick Patrick and Ted Leonsis weren't the real problems...

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Good hockey yesterday, headed by Bruins win to advance.  Avs - Wild game pretty intense.  Pens may be starting to assert themselves, but not ready to count Columbus out yet with that series going back there.  Sharks had nothing going on last night - hope they rebound to close it out in 6.

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Brutal, Dinny. Was he really ill or just not in the mood?


Hard to tell.  There was no barfing, but he fell asleep for 2 hours when we got home.  That NEVER happens.  There's no off button with that child so he hits the wall every 2-3 weeks and I suppose he was due.



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<snip> ... </snip>


And fuck, the Hawks look good.  They could come out of the West again for the Finals.

The Hawks look scary good.  They basically swept the Blues after spotting them two, and yesterday they were throwing pucks into the net from everywhere.


Maybe Al's Sharks can take them down.  If not, a repeat of last year's finals (with different outcome, of course) would be a treat to watch.

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