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Stanley Cup Playoffs - 2014


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Bruins shit themselves.....ugly officiating this game, no consistency at all.  But that isn't the reason they lost.  Half the freaking team just didn't show up.


Hats off to Montreal, they played very well all series except perhaps game 5.  But GO RANGERS!

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Yep. I'm still impressed by Montreal's resiliency but Boston was horrible tonight. No sense of urgency, bad passing, whiffs on shots. Dunno how else to call it.

Getting excited at the possibility of Rangers vs. Hawks in the finals.

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Such negativity Dan, too many "nots."  For me, Pittsburgh eliminated, and Vancouver not in it at all, and I'm mostly happy.  I don't hate the Habs as much as many in Boston do, but would definitely prefer the Rags to beat them.  The way the Habs are playing, though, they may make it to the finals....where the winner of the West will likely beat whoever comes out of the East.  If Chicago won 3 cups in 5 years, that'd be freaky awesome.  Dynasty rating IMO, and in the cap era that's amazing.


Anyway, counting Blackhawks before they hatch....just ready for conference finals....

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